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  1. I don't think he understands what a bias is. Of course we're gonna bring up WWE because if he's biased that means he's for New Japan in another company's detriment. He would be biased if, had that Ospreay vs Scurll match happened in WWE, he'd given it 4 stars or something. A bias would be if he rated matches higher just because they happened in New Japan when it's actually the other way around when it comes to WWE.
  2. Your argument was 'Meltzer is biased towards New Japan becuase he gave Ospreay/Scurll 5 stars when it had a big botch and didn't give Taker/Michaels 5 stars because of the botch' which isn't true. From then on I wasn't even talking about you in particular, just in general about the idea that Meltzer is biased towards New Japan and in particular 'against' WWE. I actually think it's the other way around when it comes to his ratings, and he's said as much. Plenty of WWE matches he rated 4 or 4.5 stars would get a lower rating if they'd happened in New Japan or PWG, I'm certain of it. But the thing is when people say he's biased towards New Japan they're completely ignoring history. He went years without rating giving them a 4.5 star match, let alone a 5 star one. And the argument about they NJPW style doesn't add up either because part of the appeal when it comes to New Japan is the various amount of wrestling styles they present. Ospreay vs Scurll is completely different than ZSJ vs Tanahashi which is completely different from Ishii vs Shibata. I had written my post before reading this, if it had been the other way around I wouldn't have even bothered.
  3. The suicide dive of the HBK/Taker match was a criticism on his part, but it didn't factor into the match rating as a minus because of a botch... Meltzer hardly ever rates via "Well without the botch it would have been x-stars". He actually said that spot added to the match lol. I do love the New Japan bias narrative, though. Everyone who reviews wrestling acknowledges that New Japan has the best in ring product in the world but LOLNEWJAPANBIAS is easier to say.
  4. Loose use of 'the rest of WCW' lol.
  5. You really can't admit you're wrong, can you?
  6. Cause he pissed people off, had no pull in the company, wasn't particularly good and was recording stuff backstage behind the guys backs?
  7. TIL Milano Collection AT is a big Chase Owens fan. Same, tbh.
  8. Taka telling him to shut up when he started talking shit about Mexico was pretty funny
  9. Just rewatched Scurll vs Ospreay and it might be my fav match of the year. Either that or the Jr. 4-Way at the Dome.
  10. And vs Dezmond Xavier at another show. Plus he was announced for the WrestleCon Supershow or whatever it's called.
  11. Matches vs Riddle and vs AR Fox, six man tag at Rev Pro, probs some other shit.
  12. I thought they were doing a ref stoppage when Marty just kept stomping on his head. Brutal visual.
  13. So did the crowd when they saw the replay and his bloodied face. It was brutal. Shame he can't make NOLA but I'm not too surprised, just hope he takes his time to get better.
  14. Just finished watching Sakura Genesis. The last like 5 matches were all worth watching, Scurll vs Ospreay was a MOTYC and Okada vs Sabre was awesome as well. Thought Golden Lovers vs Cody and Hangman was also great. I thought the same thing, too. Hopefully it was just good selling.
  15. Was he always kicking asshole's ass?
  16. The way the Bucks 'no sell absolutely everything' lmao what a parrot. Anyways, I see Page sticking with Cody throughout all of this. Who knows what'll come at the end. Full cards for friday's Road To show and for Sakura Genesis: https://www.njpw1972.com/tornament/20619?showCards=1 https://www.njpw1972.com/tornament/20621?showCards=1 Young Bucks vs Chase & Yujiro
  17. They did RPG3K with Rocky vs The Elite a while ago, at one of the new beginning shows I'm pretty sure. I thought 4.75. Need to rewatch it with Jap commentary, maybe. I thought the LIJ vs Taguchi Japan match was really good, probs my 2nd fav match of the night. Interesting situation with Rey. Wish they'd have given Liger/Ospreay 5 more minutes and maybe 5 less to Hangman/White.
  18. Don't play with me like that. Gotta get his ass to the hyperbaric chamber.
  19. I think he did like the week right after the injury. Might be wrong, though.
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