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  1. I don't agree with the way Meltzer rates matches (which isn't even the focus or the most important part of his work), therefore he's a joke. Irrelevant that he's the most important journalist in wrestling history and his contributions to the business are invaluable, how dare he give a match 7 stars! Lmao, just noticed he actually called Meltzer a 'ridiculous mark'. Regret even taking the time to post anything at all.
  2. They added an Omega match from Deep South and a bunch of other stuff to the Hidden Gems today, too.
  3. Bobby Lashley? I'll be a son of a bitch.
  4. Boiiii Full cards: Those last two matches on night 2 *Homer salivating noises*
  5. Golden Elite shirt broke the Pro Wrestling Tees record for sales in 24h. That's why the Bucks are friendly with Ibushi now!
  6. So is Dominion gon have the best match of all time every year or?
  7. Saturday at 8 AM, I think. Each time I see Shibata I have less doubts that he'll wrestle again.
  8. Defo the best match of the tournament. I gotta say, the Juniors are totally stealing the show in New Japan at the moment. My 3 fav matches of the year have all be Junior matches. And the 4th had the Young Bucks, who've just stopped being that. My top matches of the tourney were the final, Hiromu vs KUSHIDA (which I seem to be in the minority), Hiromu vs Despy, Hiromu vs Dragon Lee, Flip vs Ospreay and Sho vs Marty. Easy to guess who I think the star of the tourney was lol. Speaking of Juniors, anyone notice how big Ospreay's getting? When he was standing next to Hiromu he didn't look like a Junior at all.
  9. Flair vs Jack Brisco from 1984 was added to the Hidden Gems, their last ever singles match. Should be good.
  10. Wait wait wait... Every thursday??? That's awesome! List of stuff going to be (or already added today)
  11. TIL Haku wrestled briefly as Tama Tonga in 1980.
  12. God damn, Hiromu vs Despy was the best match of the tournament thus far, imo. Really great stuff, didn't realize they had so much history with eachother, you could clearly tell they have a lot of chemistry. I think today's show was the best tournament matches wise, didn't watch the undercard. KUSHIDA vs Marty and Sho vs Sabin were great matches too, and Dragon Lee vs Taguchi was real good.
  13. Tournament matches from night 2: Sho vs Dragon Lee was freaking awesome and MOTN. Slightly better than ACH vs Flip Gordon from the night before. Dragon Lee is the man, baffling that he isn't one of CMLL's top stars. Despy vs Taguchi wasn't bad, but it was just there. The worst match of the first two nights. Sabin vs KUSHIDA was pretty good but the crowd wasn't very hot for it. Hiromu vs Marty was pretty great, as you'd expect. A bit better than their match last year, I'd say. Still interesting to see that neither main event was MOTN from the opening two shows.
  14. Another Hidden Gems pack coming next thursday! Hope we get some goodies!
  15. Just watched the show. My fav match was ACH vs Flip Gordon, that was an incredible match. Gordon looked better than he did in his New Japan debut and I loved ACH's selling. Ishimori vs Ospreay was a bit disappointing, thought they would go much longer, still a really good match, though. The other two matches were good too, as was Marty & Owens vs Hiromu & EVIL. Didn't watch the rest of the undercard, might do later. https://twitter.com/RealJeffCobb/status/996911365959774208 Looks like Jeff Cobb is coming back to New Japan soon!
  16. EVIL & Hiromu vs Chase Owens & Marty Scurll is a pretty dope sounding match. Think I'll watch that and the singles matches tomorrow.
  17. TIL Tajiri had a couple of matches with Okada back in 2009.
  18. TIL Bryan Alvarez was one of Jack Evans' trainers.
  19. What a mother (and daughter) *censored*ing *Censored*.
  20. Wasn't Jake's dad his mother's stepfather as well or something like that?
  21. Yo, that's *censored*ed up. Props to him for being able to overcome that and become a succesful guy.
  22. Oh, my bad. Misread your post. Daisuke Sekimoto vs Shota Umino tomorrow at Lion's Gate Project. Could be a hell of a match.
  23. But people come to see Joey Ryan because of a spot in his matches.
  24. Straight up lies sometimes. Probably believes he's telling the truth, though.
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