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  1. Sabre Jr. vs Okada and Ishii vs Suzuki were excellent. Sabre/Okada was like waching Inoki vs Billy Robinson and in the UK, I thought that during the match. Oh and people would be raving about Fletcher vs Jay White had it happened in WWE. That kid's got all the potential in the world.
  2. They're very similar because they are also two women.
  3. Nakazawa is a pretty funny dude. Props to the CEO guy for wrestling with a *censored*ed up achilles tendon!
  4. https://www.twitch.tv/ceogaming CEO X NJPW show starting soon for free, main is Naito and Hiromu vs Golden Lovers!
  5. Yeah, not impossible if you cheat. Meh, Germany got the 2010 L16 game where we were cheated Plus, Portugal aren't ones to talk considering 2016 Tf you talking about? We cheated to win in 2016?
  6. Yeah, I get that. That's the thing with the G1, everyone in it can have great matches. Everyone in it has had great matches. Everyone in it will probably have at least one great match in the tournament. Maybe not Yano. Even Yoshi-Hashi whomstd've I hate will have great matches, he did last year.
  7. Do those sell out? Anyways, finally got around to watching Goto vs Elgin and what a goddamn barn burner. Elgin did stuff I never saw him do before and he looks in awesome shape. Wouldn't surprise me if he's one of the MVPs of the G1.
  8. NXT? Are you talking Takeovers? Because I'm pretty sure those haven't even been selling out.
  9. Tanahashi, Suzuki, Okada, Jay White, Evil and Elgin are all great. That's half the block right there. But yeah, you've got 4 of the 5 worst guys in the G1 in Block A, I'd say.
  10. Yoshi-Hashi is the *censored*ing worst. Legit the only guy I actively dislike in New Japan.
  11. Golden Lovers vs Naito and Hiromu at the Kenny Omega CEO X NJPW show! Also Jeff Cobb vs Chase Owens and Liger vs Rocky Romero. EDIT: Full card: https://ceogaming.org/ceoxnjpw-june-29th-match-card-livestream-and-more/
  12. So you're saying there matches haven't been good?No I'm saying Meltzer over hypes the Omega Okada matches way higher than what they actually are. Except almost everyone who rates matches rates them as highly as they could, it's the highest rated match ever in cagematch and most of the people who reviewed it for the Observer said it's the greatest match they've ever seen. All that before Meltzer gave it 7 stars. I know it's the best match I've ever seen. I posted that here before I even knew if Meltzer liked it, crazy right?
  13. Wasn't exactly what I was looking for.
  14. What's the equivalent of basic bitch when you're a dude?
  15. The best sword to die on is how someone rates fake fights. And calling someone 'mark' in 2018 lmfao
  16. Great point lmfao The REAL important thing is how he rates fake fights.
  17. You could say you can't name one and admit you're wrong, for once.
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