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  1. That was FIFA's choice and the kick off was delayed. Both teams had to travel to get there. So no, it wasn't against regulations and didnt change anything The president of FIFA was English I suppose but the fact of the matter is that both teams had to travel If that was cheating than literally FIFA itself cheated What a coincidence!
  2. If only that was the only cheating you did in the '66 World Cup... Shady refereeing from the get go, most notably vs Argentina (thankfully Maradona would avenge that for them), last minute changing of stadiums from Liverpool to Wembley vs Portugal against regulations and without Portugal's consent. That shit would never fly today. You're a disgrace and always will be. I'm happy that the England national team is 'coming home'! Well technically most, if not all, of this forum's users are older than Serbia.
  3. Iceland have been an extremely good team the last four years, they eliminated not only England but Holland (2010 2nd place, 2014 3rd place), they finished above Croatia in the qualifying group and actually beat Croatia in the qualifying, drew to Messi's Argentina Just because "It's Iceland" doesn't mean they're shit. They've been one of the best teams in Europe since 2014 You only show up for tournies, don't pretend like you know how good other teams are. Because our league is so full of foreign talent we dont know how to make homegrown stars anymore. Sterling scored 23 goals this year. Kane scored 52. ...no homegrown stars my ass. 2 players out of 16 isnt a team. When was the last time any of the top six in the last season (City, United, Spurs, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal) played each other and at least 50% of the players on the field were from England, Wales or Scotland? It is so much easier for our top clubs to buy players from other countries and as a result our international teams suffer. Luck of the draw? we lost on purpose to GET that draw How is it our fault everyone else was so shit they lose to teams like South Korea? So were cheats then? And it says a lot that we went for the easier route and still managed to balls it up. I mean, if you weren't cheats you would've never won a World Cup so I guess so.
  4. 'It's coming home' is a meme from what english speak country?
  5. I think it was just him playing off of the moment and buying time for JR. It was all in kayfabe, I'm sure he knows Jay White didn't mean to hurt JR.
  6. Ok, bit sensitive. Let's hope Jay White wasn't too mentally affected by that vicious attack.
  7. Who did he attack? That's how I saw it as well. I compare it to Don Callis going in the ring when Jericho was attacking Omega, except apparently this was unplanned, and Josh Barnett is a legit badass, not a whimp like Callis.
  8. https://www.f4wonline.com/daily-updates/daily-update-ric-flair-undergoes-successful-surgery-jr-rousey-261111 Still hope they run with it and do Barnett vs White after the G1, would be awesome. Great instincts from Barnett to do what he did, if true.
  9. He doesn't really hang much with Omega and the Bucks, so he was never really featured in Being The Elite. He and the tongans kinda fell into the background in this Omega/Cody rivalry and he was always vocal about how it was bullshit. #FTE is his hastag lol.
  10. https://www.dojopro.co/ Anyone seen this? Looks pretty interesting.
  11. I think it's very likely that Tama beats Kenny in the G1 now. Welp: https://twitter.com/iamjohnpollock/status/1016337570622472192
  12. Right, after re-watching the Hiromu bump a bunch of times I think the problem was that Hiromu's foot/feet hit the mat and that either caused Dragon Lee (who was holding Hiromu lower than usual for that move) to lose his grip or it was supposed to be a release Dragon Driver and Hiromu hitting his foot on the mat caused him to bump like that.
  13. Sounds like a few hours ago he was still in the hospital, there was fear of a broken neck and that's pretty much the extent of what we know.
  14. Don't forget Ishimori. But i think he's on Tama's side seeing as he was the one that introduced him during his return after all. Totally forgot about Ishimori. Haven't watched any of his matches since BOSJ. Is it confirmed that that's what he's shooting? I know he's not in the G1 because he's filming something. Turning Cody face (and that's obviously what happened, and yes Haku and GoD are heels now) was a great decision. If he just lost to Kenny and stayed heel where would he go from there? It was the perfect time to turn him for him not to lose momentum which he would've if he'd lost and nothing changed. Turns shouldn't just be done for the sake of it.
  15. I still can't tell if he wanted to do a release Phoenixplex (which is a *censored*ing crazy idea) or if Hiromu slipped or something. That was rough. Wonder if it being Dragon Lee's 4th match in 24 hours had anything to do with it... He just turned face, why go after Juice? Anyways, there will be no title matches in the near future. ------ Oh yeah, forgot to say, that Josh Barnett vs Jay White stuff was awesome as well. Still can't tell if that was off the cuff or a planned spot (without JR falling, probably) but I really want to see Barnett vs White now. I really like Barnett's commentary, just have a bit of a problem when he's talking about Jr. Heavyweights but that's the company's view anyway. JR had his good moments, his not so good moments and his bad moments last night.
  16. Just finished watching the show, what a great show it was. Main was a bit disappointing, though. My fav match of the night was Juice vs Jay White. Robinison is the best babyface in wrestling today, he's so good. People have been sleeping on his matches too, this year alone he's had a fantastic match with Tanahashi and some other great matches with Goto, Elgin and Yujiro of all people. And Switchblade is great, I've said it since the start, I'm very interested to see his G1 results. The undercard was good too in this show, really every match was at least good. Goto vs Cobb was really good, LIJ vs Bucks was the 2nd best match on the show and Hiromu vs Dragon Lee was great but that Phoenixplex botch was *censored*ing nasty. Hope Hiromu isn't as hurt as it sounds... The main was a great match but wasn't as good as the other main matches, and was a bit subpar as far as an IWGP title defense but maybe we're just spoiled by Okada Oh yeah, almost forgot, the post match stuff was tremendous. What a great angle and perfectly executed. Poor Chase and Yujiro, they did nothing wrong. I must know where Fale and Ibushi stand on this.
  17. I think the Bucks do look bigger, actually. Omega was putting on weight for the Golden Lovers run but stopped when he was told he was going vs Okada at Dominion. Ibushi just doesn't care lol.
  18. I was asking about the other part of your post... about Kenny, Ibushi and the Bucks.
  19. TIL that Dutch Mantel/Zeb Colter main evented the first ever UWF (Japan) show vs Akira Maeda.
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