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  1. Pretty much everyone from Raw minus Del Rio and Big Show. And that includes the best in the world: CM Punk. I got Jack Swagger's sutograph too which was cool

  2. It was really good. A really fun night. I came up from Wellington to see it. My first WWE event ever and it was awesome.

  3. No matter what, we will see our hero's (possibly) last match in WWE.

  4. Some bad news: I might be going away this weekend so I might have to record it and watch it a day or two later. And unfortunately you might need to restrain from seeing results until then :(

  5. Awesome! You should come over to watch it at my new house

  6. I'll definitely watch it. Is it gonna be in the holidays?

  7. Yesterday must've been the firt time I really knew I wanted to

  8. The damn link in your sig scared the shit out of me XD

  9. Trust me, it wasn't haasamaniac who posted that stuff. In the real world, he's my mate and his asshole older brother was the one who made that r u dtf profile and did that trolling. If you look on my wall, he's trolled there aswell cause he has a problem with me in real life too.

    You probably wont believe me, but i'm just letting all of you know the truth.

  10. Nice one Tom you asshole. You got Jack suspended you *censored*wit.

  11. No, Miz should be champion before both of them.

  12. Dit is wat sy het gesê:

  13. Good luck with wrestling classes, mate!

  14. Thank for all the prediction games, mate!

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