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  1. No, it doesn't look very good.

  2. So Punk was there as well? Awesome. The biggest Superstar to come to the 2007 Christchurch event, were Undertaker and Batista. This was around the tile Lashley was ECW Champion.

  3. Pretty much everyone from Raw minus Del Rio and Big Show. And that includes the best in the world: CM Punk. I got Jack Swagger's sutograph too which was cool

  4. Nice. I only went to one, and that was back in 2007, for the Road to Wrestlemania 23 Tour. Got to meet Kelly Kelly and Lashley, and got their autographs. Who was at the event?

  5. It was really good. A really fun night. I came up from Wellington to see it. My first WWE event ever and it was awesome.

  6. So how was the WWE live event? I didn't go, as I'm not in Auckland.

  7. No matter what, we will see our hero's (possibly) last match in WWE.

  8. I'll have to see how it goes due to the fact that we're seeing some of mums friends (whose kids I'm expected to tolerate) on Tuesday and I'm visiting my Grandparents on Wednesday.

  9. Some bad news: I might be going away this weekend so I might have to record it and watch it a day or two later. And unfortunately you might need to restrain from seeing results until then :(

  10. Awesome! You should come over to watch it at my new house

  11. I think it's on the 18th which is in the holidays.

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