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  1. I live in the north-west but right now, I'm staying in the south-west.

  2. Hello thar. This forums always slow, get used to it. >_<
  3. http://caws.ws/svr2008/show.php?cat=1&id=731 Chuck my CAW in there.
  4. Hey ya'll. Names Legend K, call me Brady if you like. I'm 16, and have been at CAWs for over a year, and have enjoyed all my time here. What do i enjoy? Playing sports, video games, computer GFX, riding MotorX bikes, and generally hanging around and spending time with mates. Music? Anything heavy really, Metallica, Motorhead, Rob Zombie, anything good. Yeah, feel free to PM me, comment my page ask questions, anything like that.
  5. If they were already in the game as a stable, it'd be great. I loved their entrance. If there not, i'm sure you can easily make them in CAS.
  6. He had the link to the picture a minute ago. He got rid of it.
  7. There just default signs. I think no of us know why they have them.
  8. For 24/7 Mode, perhaps. For the whole game, defintly not, I would suck. 3 Brands > 1 Brands
  9. I agree with you. But there not gonna stop because you told them to, people are lazy.
  10. The graphics look so crappy, i guess thats DS for ya. Wheres HHH's eyes, there closed but it looks like theres nothing there?
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