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  1. Nice Ambrose, sig bruh!

    1. Crazy.


      You just noticed? xD It's been there forever, haha. :P

    2. ★CrossRhodes★


      I'm generally always on mobile man :P

    3. Crazy.


      Ah, alright, haha. Same with me, more or less, which is why I have no idea what people are using for their sigs xD

  2. Hope you're doing well, bud! :)

  3. Hope you're doing well :-)

    1. Ernez


      Thanks! I'm doing well, how about you?

  4. Gahh that movie is incredible.. I relate to Charlie so much. Have you read the book? If not I strongly suggest you check it out!
  5. Nope it doesn't, I agree. But I'm open to change. I'm excited for this though. The Falcon looks incredible!!!!
  6. Perfection is my middle name, hoe.

  7. Sooooooooooooooo glad your back! :D

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    2. ★CrossRhodes★


      Never leave again, please? XD

    3. Rockstar™


      Lmao! Cool, yeah I've been good thanks :) what have I missed, lol.

    4. ★CrossRhodes★


      No much. It's been pretty lame without you here, tbh

  8. I hope you come back soon... This place isn't the same without you.. :( We miss you!

  9. The fact that you still have Lita with a santa hat as your avy makes me giggle. Haha. <3

    1. King RyderFan

      King RyderFan

      My member title says it all. I'm too lazy to change it.

    2. ★CrossRhodes★


      Hahah! Hey at least you'll be prepared for this coming Christmas ;D

  10. Was your PS4 on? I also tried to send a real name request to you last night but it wouldn't allow it. :/ Yeah it was. And do I have to accept you sending it to me or turn something on?
  11. Mine is also paired with my PS4 I don't see what the problem is
  12. Do I do it by the app on my phone or PS4? I see no option to edit my profile on the app.
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