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  1. As long as Rhea keeps being a sassy badass.
  2. Don't follow NXT but I'm gonna play for the funzies. -Gargano -Schism -Fyre & Dawn -Carmelo -Gallus -Dragunov -Stark
  3. Personally, I think that level of physique looks terrible on either men or women. I don't mind strong, muscular women like Beth Phoenix or Rhea Ripley, but that's too much for me lol.
  4. I find it kinda weird and interesting at the same time that Priest is the only member of Judgement Day without nothing going on for him. I wonder if there are big plans for him, possibly involving turning on the whole faction.
  5. I don't know.I didn't even know he was hospitalized.
  6. I mean, seems fitting enough for Lawler himself to induct him, unless some family member is up to it.
  7. I really hope he becomes US or IC champion within a year time or so. Unless they think he's ready to go for the world championships once Cody have them.
  8. Man, you can tell Dom had a hard time not getting emotional during his segment with Rey. What a great job they're both doing. I can't wait for the reunion.
  9. Uff, that IC match.. something in my pants moved.
  10. Just wanted to say that, when you read or hear someone say the typical "Exercise is good for your health", well, believe them.
  11. Marvel's Eternals. As bad as I've heard.
  12. Exactly, Sunny. That's the one I was refering to. I didn't remember the name and for some reason sometimes I get those two women mixed up in my mind.
  13. Stacy isn't that one who lost her mind and started doing shit and getting arrested all the time, right?
  14. T-Hell

    WWE Drama

    Wouldn't be surprised, as this looks like they messed him up yet again. Shortly after he returned, I remember an article saying his storyline was already planned until Wrestlemania. If LA Knight and Bobby Lashley plus little progress when it comes to his character, Uncle Howdy or Alexa, is everything they've got, then I'll be damned. I hate to say it, but honestly, this version of Bray is kinda disappointing.
  15. Well deserved. Wasn't expecting it yet though. Edit: I gotta say I'm as invested in the whole Rey and Dominik story as I am with the Bloodline-Cody-Sami&KO story. Top tier storylines they got running now. Like Edge said, I can't wait until Rey finally snaps.
  16. Ouch! Damn, that sucks. He was a very prominent user here. I hope he's ok though.
  17. Lmao, so sassy. She's like "Idgaf bro".
  18. If that match wasn't made to put Iyo and Dakota over, I don't know what's the point.
  19. Guessing it will just be another generic, boring, fast-paced Lesnar match where he wins in like 5 minutes. I mean there's no way Omos is winning.
  20. I know that, but I swear they usually start announcing them even before Elimination Chamber.
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