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  1. Just another example of how they usually reward the losers instead of the winners.
  2. I just watched the Owen Hart episode and holy shit dude, that was too real. Mad respect for his family and the likes of JR or Cornette for talking honestly about it. This was huge. Vince and Dunn can go *Censored* themselves, honestly.
  3. I wonder if you could update the title so everyone knows right off the bat, if you would be so kind. Thank you in advance. EDIT: Whoops, nevermind now. Thanks though.
  4. A body has been found in that area. No identity yet, but I'm afraid we all know who's that going to be..
  5. Chris Masters and Lilian Garcia were so worried that they personally traveled to that beach to help searching for him. This doesn't look too good..
  6. The Thatcher betrayal happened a lot sooner than I expected. This gonna be good.
  7. Is Becky's pregnancy legit? I mean, it really sounded like it, especially since I expected Asuka to attack her, but you never know anymore.
  8. I honestly liked the concept. Made it even more unique and entertaining.
  9. Jeff Hardy R-Truth Bayley Braun McIntyre Forgotten Sons AJ Styles Asuka
  10. I would actually love that. Imagine a feud between Cole and Bryan. Besides, I don't really think Velveteen is winning it yet.
  11. The women's MitB card looks lame, tbh. The only feasible winners I see are Asuka and Shayna. Unless they planned some trickery like Lesnar's last year.
  12. Wow, I thought the match would take place on top of the building and that's it. That makes it so much more interesting.
  13. I think so. That could be a good way to do them both simultaneously while avoiding a cluster*censored* where no one can barely see any of what's happening.
  14. This just sucks. Drake Maverick was legit crying in that video. I wish nothing but the best to every single one of them.
  15. I enjoyed night 2 more than night 1, and that Funhouse match was perfect, it stole the whole show for me.
  16. Same. And sadly that can be said for most WWE things lately.
  17. Gallagher looking better than ever if you ask me.
  18. So they're still allowing women matches around there. Nice.
  19. Sadly, I agree wholeheartedly. And I'm a big Nattie fan.
  20. If Shayna doesn't win, then I don't know what this is all for.
  21. I hope they don't even dare considering giving the win to Goldberg, I swear..
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