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  1. That reminds me that I've recently seen an interview with Viktor, and he said that he lost utter respect for the company because of one situation backstage where "the line was crossed". He didn't give further detail, only that the line wasn't crossed on him or Konnor, but it was crossed and made him lose respect for WWE. Poor guys. Makes you wonder what really goes on in there.
  2. He probably knew that now it was going to be a worthless job for a downhill brand.
  3. They STILL need budget cuts? What the hell are they doing, a mega realistic cyberpunk based Wrestlemania or what..
  4. I wonder how many of those individuals actually left by themselves instead of being just fired.
  5. How is this company even worth watching anymore I swear I don't know.
  6. Wtf, he acted like he was playing a rol in a movie or something. The hell was up with him. Such a shame because he had a great voice.
  7. Oh wow, Mansoor vs Ali in Saudi Arabia. I truly wonder who will win, geez..
  8. I'm super lost at the huge amount of new talent being brought to nxt in this new era, like, I can't keep up.
  9. Well, that's on them for being extremely uncreative and not letting those guys develop their own ideas.
  10. All the masked luchadors eventually wanting out. Who can blame them, Vince just wants them for show.
  11. The right time for Big E to cash in was shortly after winning it, maybe at Summerslam or earlier, because that's when Lashley was kinda feuding with Kofi and Xavier and it was the perfect excuse for a cash in, like some sort of vengeance for his friends. But no, they always have to give priority to legends agenda and then wait until nobody even remembered Big E was Mr. MitB.
  12. I swear Vince and his goons always manage to hit new lows..
  13. Probably, but not in the way you want, if you know what I mean
  14. Didn't know her, but that's always such a sad way to go. Poor soul.. may she rest in peace now.
  15. Pretty meh to be honest..
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