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  1. Any word on the Alexa-Fiend situation being Bray's idea? Or Creative's.
  2. I'm assuming Aleister and Murphy will be in the list soon. Because lord knows these *censored*ing goons can't appreciate real talent.
  3. The Way are hilarious. I have new found respect for Theory too.
  4. Vince really can't help himself when it comes to breaking teams, stables or alliances, can he..
  5. Exactly. Like at this point, no one will care about any of them anymore.
  6. I can't believe these idiots made The Fiend lose again. Like wtf..
  7. Lovely. Gotta love supporting people.
  8. Hopefully that also means they'll have more time to polish and test the game, because WWE 2K games are usually perfect to me if it wasn't for horrible optimisation and lots of bugs.
  9. Priest & Bunny Cesaro Strowman Naomi & Lana [night 2: Nia & Shayna] Styles & Omos McIntyre Bianca The Fiend KO Riddle Rhea Big E Edge
  10. I won't change it. Just take it as I still bet for the challenger to win vs Gargano.
  11. Glad for Raquel. I'd assume Dakota will eventually turn on her out of jealousy and frustration.
  12. Guys, legit question: who from the current roster (any show) could legit beat Walter? lol.
  13. Io Walter MSK Lumis [elimination order: Swerve, Ruff, Grimes, Reed, Knight] Dunne Stark Kross O'Riley Devlin Lumis (vs Gargano) Shotzi & Ember
  14. RIP Hurt Business. Vince really can't ever wait to split teams or factions, seems like his favorite thing.
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