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  1. RIP. Didn't know him though.
  2. Glad for Sasha. Now hopefully they let her have the title for longer than a single month. Don't exactly agree with the decision of Drew losing the title already, but hopefully this can lead into The Fiend taking his revenge on Orton, although this is probably just planned out for Edge.
  3. Agreed. Vince seems to hate teams and managers for whatever reason. I guess The Usos and New Day beat a record for staying together.. And I just read they split Heavy Machinery in the draft as well? The tag team division is even more non-existant than ever.
  4. So I guess the Street Profits now have a smackdown tag team title "victory" for the lolz. Unbelievable..
  5. So are Rollins and Murphy pulling a swerve or is Murphy legit turning face? What do you guys think.
  6. Yeah and Ali just tweeted something basically proving this guy's theory as true. Surprised to see this actually has some long-term booking, for some change.
  7. Alright that was pretty epic. Retribution just regained my interest after this.
  8. Sooo manufactured. Reminds me of Charlotte.
  9. Exactly what I was about to say. Also I hope they give the tag titles to Ruby and Liv, long overdue and their momentum is high.
  10. Oh *Censored*.. This caught me by surprise.. RIP. Undoubtedly one of my all time favorites tag teams in the business. At least he's reunited with Hawk now..
  11. One of the greatest and most entertaining face world champions lately.
  12. WWE has just announced that AoP have been released.
  13. Damn. Thank you for telling me.
  14. Oh yeah, I remember, Braun was there. But was that legit, or a scripted thing to put him away due to real injury? I mean, I always thought that car accident thing was an angle.
  15. Guys, I just remembered.. where the *Censored* is Elias?
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