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  1. Yeah he's got that annoying cocky heel feeling to him. I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt until I watch the match, maybe he turns out to be great in the ring.
  2. Oh nooo, that's not fair! This was his chance to shine.. And to think he won the spot by making Thatcher lose conciousness, of all people.
  3. Lumis qualified too for the NA title match, right? I ask because he's not in the match card.
  4. The Wyatt match reminds me of what 2K did in WWE 2K20. On a side note, I hope they didn't just give up on The Fiend.. I'm guessing they are giving it a long rest, which is fine and probably good for him.
  5. Oh, they are together in real life too? Didn't know.
  6. Man, I don't agree nor support that random guy, but geez wrestlers are rude nowadays.
  7. It would be so poetic if he had his very last match on Survivor Series, marking the 30th anniversary of his debut, against The Fiend, and loses to pass him the torch. Probably not gonna happen but hey.
  8. Wow, how ironic for a "gentleman"..
  9. So are all of the british wrestlers scumbags or what? lol
  10. What did he do anyway? I can't keep up with the plethora of acussations coming out all of a sudden.
  11. Wtf is happening. Is the wrestling sports coming to an end or what.
  12. The El Hijo Del Fantasma segment was very epic, if you ask me. Very good revelation. Only by this segment I can feel the prestige of the cruiserweight championship skyrocketing. Probably the first time it's been since.. Neville held it, maybe Murphy. And the first mexican luchador with a truly promising character development and investment since.. Rey Mysterio? xDDD
  13. What the actual *Censored*..
  14. Heel Team Finn Balor Karrion Kross Keith Lee Charlotte Adam Cole
  15. Just another example of how they usually reward the losers instead of the winners.
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