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  1. And you wanna keep it that way. Trust me Sorry for the double post. I know way back in these forums if you quoted someone right after making a post of your own, it would just add it automatically to that post instead of double posting. Damn technology and their step backs..
  2. So.. any chance for The Fiend winning the rumble and taking revenge on Goldberg at Mania?
  3. The amount of unused active talent they have there, and they really make a match for that Adam Pierce guy. Holy shit this company is never changing..
  4. I may be totally wrong here, but this year's women's Rumble may be for Sonya. Sasha has no real competition now on Smackdown, and the company may want to reward her for her improvements since the feud with Mandy (and possibly for the whole real life mess she had to go through).
  5. So who will be Team Shotzi final member? Io?
  6. Loving Peyton's face in the match card. It's that "I mean business" kinda face. Hopefully they'll let her shine in the match, but I don't have high hopes lol.
  7. Yeah. They're kinda building a heel turn for Rhea, but I think they're not going this time with the super obvious turn, like Dakota.
  8. WWE is giving Murphy some highlight at their youtube account. I wonder if they're planning a big push for him. I truly hope anyways.
  9. I'm expecting another betrayal on the women's match just like last year. Toni, Ember, Rhea.. literally any of those could turn.
  10. It really seemed to me that they were going to do a Hurt Business vs Retribution at SS, but I don't know if they'd actually do it or scrap it, like most things.
  11. RIP. Didn't know him though.
  12. Glad for Sasha. Now hopefully they let her have the title for longer than a single month. Don't exactly agree with the decision of Drew losing the title already, but hopefully this can lead into The Fiend taking his revenge on Orton, although this is probably just planned out for Edge.
  13. Agreed. Vince seems to hate teams and managers for whatever reason. I guess The Usos and New Day beat a record for staying together.. And I just read they split Heavy Machinery in the draft as well? The tag team division is even more non-existant than ever.
  14. So I guess the Street Profits now have a smackdown tag team title "victory" for the lolz. Unbelievable..
  15. So are Rollins and Murphy pulling a swerve or is Murphy legit turning face? What do you guys think.
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