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  1. Maybe she's nervous or her mind is unfocused for whatever reason. She was excellent in nxt.
  2. Yep, it seems they do them on Saturdays now, which benefits me too.
  3. Finn Ronda Seth Team Sheamus Team Bianca (5th member Becky Lynch)
  4. Well, there goes Sasha or Becky.. or both..
  5. This is probably the greatest opportunity Shotzi got to show off. I hope she does well.
  6. Source: Wrestletalk.com I personally love the idea. Also sorry for the poor editing, it's been a very long time since I make one of these. Hopefully I'm not infringing rules.
  7. Can't rule out yet the possibility of Becky and/or Charlotte. Who knows, maybe Sasha really is getting herself away from wrestling, or maybe Trips is saving her for the rumble.
  8. LMAO I love how the B word is subtitled in japanese
  9. Oh man, we're getting divas in bikini fighting in a mud pool lmao.
  10. The English academy that I went to 7 years ago, and that I planned to go back soon, whose founder (and my teacher) I like a lot, is forced to close indefinitely due to critical client data being stolen
  11. O.C. Braun Strowman Lashley Drew McIntyre Asuka and Alexa The Usos Roman Reigns Bianca
  12. Even if the show is held nowhere near where they threat to attack, I would still feel unsafe and uneasy. It's like saying, "hey, go to this Ukraine city, it hasn't been attacked yet", come on..
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