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  1. Is that meant to be sarcastic? Like, is it really obvious? Because I have no idea, mind you, I'm not watching the program.
  2. Basically this. I still check the product sometimes, but I just can't enjoy it anymore, because I don't think "wow this is cool, I wonder where this is going". Rather, I think "Ok so when and how is this getting trashed".. The consistency and compromise on story and character development has been mostly non-existant for years. I just can't be bothered.
  3. Impossible to get invested. I give them 3 months to get tired of him and feed him to even Ali.
  4. I hate this "taking titles hostage" thing. Just drop them already and leave to do your thing..
  5. Yeah but at least change the name of the show for something more unique, you know? Like in the old days where it was No Way Out and stuff like that.
  6. Pretty lame that there's only one Hell in a Cell match considering the name of the show, but I guess they are just that incompetent.
  7. I don't know, I see Bray the type that is more interested in storytelling and elaborated character than pure wrestling, but go figure.
  8. MFers got me hyped as *Censored* at the possibility of him returning at HiaC or Summerslam.
  9. An early lesson in failure, defeat and "the good guys don't always win". lol
  10. At this point they're gonna have to make Edge a 2-time Hall of Famer just for his return run alone.
  11. WWE could make almost anyone lose interest in pro wrestling tbh.
  12. WTF man... She had so much potential..
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