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  1. Same. And sadly that can be said for most WWE things lately.
  2. Gallagher looking better than ever if you ask me.
  3. So they're still allowing women matches around there. Nice.
  4. Sadly, I agree wholeheartedly. And I'm a big Nattie fan.
  5. If Shayna doesn't win, then I don't know what this is all for.
  6. I hope they don't even dare considering giving the win to Goldberg, I swear..
  7. I'm so sorry, dude. Keep it strong. And *Censored* cancer all the way to hell.
  8. Dude, *Censored* cancer, seriously. They're *censored*ing everywhere.
  9. Sheamus Roman Reigns Andrade Bayley Becky Lynch The Fiend Womens Rumble: Winner: Ronda Rousey First entrants: Charlotte (1) and Sarah Logan (2) Winners entry number: 20 Final four: Charlotte, Ronda, Sasha & Shayna Most eliminations: Charlotte Flair Longest time in match: Charlotte Flair Shortest time in match: Sarah Logan Mens Rumble: Winner: Aleister Black Second entrant: R-Truth Winners entry number: 9 Final four: Brock Lesnar, Seth, Roman Reigns and Aleister Most eliminations: Lesnar Longest time in match: Brock Lesnar Shortest time in match: Mojo.
  10. I have a weird feeling this Rumble is gonna be lame. I'm just being pesimistic though.
  11. Me neither, but he definitely has that crazy stare of someone who's quite mentally insane, so maybe something like a smart, methodical psycho who keeps it calm and only strikes when the time is right, would actually fit pretty well for someone like him, imo.
  12. Looks like it could be a rushed, kinda lame Rumble since I can totally see Lesnar eliminating a lot of people just before the next one comes in.
  13. I think Imperium got this one.
  14. Man, how I miss executive russian Lana. This Lana Kardashian is disgusting af.
  15. Funny how the 2 Rumble winners so far are facing each other for a championship this time around.
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