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  1. shut the fuuuuuck up you stupid little *censored*

  2. Where? I wanna go there and *Censored* her, so you can taste my dick and asshole. Why not just cut out the middlewoman and go straight to the source?
  3. New job is going pretty good. Made some cool friends already. Though, there is a severe lack of hot girls at my workplace. Kind of expected though tbh and probably for the best. Less distractions, the better!
  4. First day at work. Quite fun actually. Gonna go speak to HR later about which car I want or if I just want car allowance instead and buy/use my own car.
  5. Received a job offer for an interview I went for few days back. £35k+ offered. Graduation ceremony for my postgraduate next Thursday and I start my job on the Monday after. Official start of the career ladder climb.
  6. Don't believe in theories Make own theories Logical impass regarding believability of own theories ??? Profit LOL was just about to say that. Or something like that. So you don't believe in theories (which are stated as facts in this case) that make sense but believe on theories you make up yourself that have no logical explanation. I would hardly call that a deeper thinking. You are just willing to believe you can conjure up a face you have never seen before with features distinct from any face you have ever seen in your life and completely original for whatever reason.
  7. I don't think that is something you can learn. It is a gifted ability to rare people who have photographic memories and such. Your subconscious has ll that information, it's dependent on your concious memory to recall that information and how good it is at that. We might evolve into being better at recalling information with a lot more accuracy. I just can't imagine having a perfect recall of everything that ever happened or seen. My brain would explode. Speaking of which, there is a Film and a tv series by the name of "Limitless" which is based on that. Bradley cooper taking this drug which opens up his brain to it's highest potential and having perfect recall. Pretty cool.
  8. Mustacio is right. Have you guys not heard of the subconscious mind? that's what it is man. It stores everything that ever happened to you including people you met, places you visited etc. It's there forever and while dreaming, as your conscious mind goes to sleep, your subconscious mind is still awake and that is how the connection is made to the dreams. Think of it as a computer with a hard-drive. You can access the files that are stored on that hard-drive. You can't access something that doesn't exist on the hard drive. You are able to manipulate and change the way those files appear to you or merge them together but you can't add files or data that doesn't exist.
  9. Popcorn time is nothing special anyway...it's like the sped-accessible version of watching movies online for people who don't know where to find that kind of thing. That said, we're not supposed to talk about shit like that... So, just stick to the topic of Netflix. umm...I'm not sure how that's different from Netflix, but okay.
  10. You can get USNetflix in UK. Anyways, who needs Netflix when you have Popcorn time.
  11. Dying Light religiously. I just love the weapon system and the Ranking up and Story is quite impressive as well.
  12. Thanks for your very useful and crucial feedback. I really do take your opinion on board. Really I do. Currently taking classes to improve as a poster.

  13. Hello...Accept my sincere greetings. I would like to politely ask you a question out of curiosity. WOULD U LYK TO SUCK ITT!!!????

  14. why do you still exist?

    1. Intentz™


      To piss you off.

  15. 0.00000000000000000000000001/10 at best

    1. Intentz™


      On my translator you just gave me 10/10

  16. Look, I was gonna go easy on you not to hurt your feelings, But I'm only going to get this one chance!

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