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  1. Gamevolt posted on Twitter the same attire for those able to download anything.
  2. Any chance you can release that King Corbin Jeb?
  3. Do you have to beat the Bump in the Night mode to unlock these moves??
  4. I appreciate the hard work anyways brother. I actually downloaded these both years and like using different ones with the Usos. I'm hoping a patch comes soon. I've been too scared to even fire up the game. I'm hoping the patch doesn't delete anything for you guys. Excited to see you back for 2K20 though bro.
  5. It's insane to me that everything from coding to simple things like not assigning a finisher to a new superstar that you spent time to mo-cap. It's like the creators on this forum care more about the game than the idiots creating it. This year's game really feels like a pathetic attempt and a slap in the face to all us loyal customers who really only play this game because of the creation suite that helps you guys keep the game fresh. What a complete disappointment.
  6. Good idea for a thread - I just don't think anyone is playing this broken game right now. I still haven't even downloaded it and I got it delivered on Tuesday after reading all the issues. I don't plan to until we get a patch to correct all or most of these bugs and issues.
  7. Anyone got anything for Jordan Myles and Cameron Grimes?
  8. That new AJ and Ricochet attire though Lol
  9. Interesting two choices...the detail on Moose's tattoos are insane and Marty's jacket is looking too sweet. I thought I saw something on Twitter where you mentioned Bray 'The Fiend' Wyatt as your possible finale?? - Cheers
  10. Glad to see you're still giving life to this game. I agree with most creators focusing on Cole this year. It's nice to have the whole Undisputed Era match - these are all great. Any chance you would take a crack at Gulak's new look or maybe the Revival or Cedric Alexander's new Raw looks? - Cheers
  11. I hate how many requests you guys get hammered with but I couldn't help myself with the excitement of Bray's re-debut... No worries brother - you take care of yourself first and keep your head up. Life gets messy but everything usually ends up working out in the end. Thanks again - you bring a lot of us here on these forums a lot of happiness. I know the request trolls bombard these chats but just know you're appreciated. Good luck and hopefully we'll see you next year! - Cheers
  12. I know it was wishful thinking on my part...we did get Summerslam updates last year...I'll hold out hope until then. Excellent work this year all around though so if you are retired for the year, thank you for extending the life of this game for all of us @Gamevolt
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