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    Pearl Jam, animation, playin gee-ta.
  1. Your most welcome Dragonscrew!!! And Fried, not fussed about mine. Interested to see Fantasma though.
  2. Yup...definitely it. I've even went in and deleted everything from the HDD. The idea of getting back free time during the week (I'd play early morning and late at night and sometimes during breaks at work, daily). It's a fair chunk of the week... In all honesty, I felt a tad bit of relief. At this moment, I have no intent on buying another game. Anyhow, I didn't get that much use out of everything I made as just when I was happy with it all, it corrupted. So hopefully, the lucha fans on here can make use of it all. And thank you for all you made! And Dragonscrew too.
  3. My game's corrupt. Not sure if I should try to rescue it or to welcome back hours of free time...
  4. I've been messing around over the last few weeks with how textures affect gameplay... I had 10 logos on an arena (2x 256s and 8x 128s) as well as 4 CAWs with 10x 128 logos on them along with a show logo on the nameplate and textured belts and everything ran just fine. Tried a 6 man tag and it wouldn't load. Mind you, it also wouldn't load on Raw last time a tried with no textures at all in play...and besides that, it often freezes the second I select 6 Man/Tag Team - not when selecting wrestlers or waiting for the match to load. On top of that, I tried again the other day and with all the textures in play, a 6 man loaded up and played out in full without slowing down. The game is glitchy and freezes regardless, the textures/renders really don't make a difference. Or if they do, it's very minimal.
  5. Yeah, the amount of times you see a cutscene or one of the new ones...or especially one of the branching scenes is no better than last year...
  6. Wow, that's pretty damn good. I like that a lot. Had forgotten you were working on him.
  7. Cool, thanks DragonScrew. I uploaded a CMLL arena template and all the logos I used. I did the arena logo apron trick and then instead of adding more 256 logos like it says, I started adding 128's so I could add more overall. Some of the logos I upped are logos split in two (Cementos, Siete Macho, Corona). There's also a 128 Corona for the corners of the mat. It's worth the 10 mins it takes to put it together...really helps make my Lucha show feel like a non-WWE game. Planning on a more modern AAA arena soonish.
  8. Uploaded another experimental arena that has a mix of pt sizes and 10 different pts. Search CMLL, Arena Mexico. Should be the most recent. There's a chance I'll show up default because of the apron glitch. Some piccies.... Pants...apron defaulted on the cmll arena.
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