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  1. I do thats why blue is a good color

  2. But you cant make purple without the color blue! Youve gotta respect that.

  3. Good Purple is a great color though

  4. The color blue, good or great?

  5. I know i told you at least 20 times to your face but yes i am going to say this everywhere! HAPPY BIRTHDAY NICK :D love you!

  6. "Its a wonderful day for pie!"

  7. Yea its sad to see him go but he had a great career. and lol not exactly i am kinda rooting for the saints they have had great year and i always love to root for the underdog :D

  8. Well bye bye kurt warner soon to be Hall of famer, and I guess since the Saints beat you guys youre pullin for Indy in the super bowl?

  9. Thanks :D that game was just crazy lol, and i think next week with the saints high powered offense the cards are in for another shoot out

  10. Must say that game was a classic Tanya grats on them Cards winning. I wish you best of luck rest of the way these playoffs.

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