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  1. I wanted to use modern Rey and have an alt wcw attire but his tattoo's bugged me so the only option was the Halloween Full body suit. I never found a good one online.... So finally made it myself. If anyone ever wants textures to improve on a caw or attire I'd usually always share them too. Just a reminder
  2. Only thing about Stevie is his hair.... he kinda had a hightop fade... which isn't available in the games caw parts. But... I'm not sure if you found this Glitch on PC.. if you can find the Hair Glitch or the Hair and Beard Glitch I used one of those work a rounds to give him the proper hair. I would love to show you.. but i've no longer got my Stevie caw, I running out of space! all of a sudden i'm spotting some amazing caw's on PS4 CC now. And of course Re-creating yours!
  3. I posted a thread with the developer vlogs. They have said that they are on course for end of Aug release... maybe first couple of weeks into Sept. The game as of Yesterday is 86% finished. Testing begins next week apparently. so they on course still for mid step
  4. That is absolutely SHATTEY! For a nipple texture? Yikes... so 2k ain't paying anyone to fix the game still but are paying Moderators to comb through Nipples.
  5. Raven is up on CC Tag's Raven, PTC2k20 And happy 4th of July.. here's a True American Hero... tags Arnie Arnold, terminator, PTC2k20 Can Re-uppload him... Lets improve, and ,make Arnie the best caw ever. Side by side face Photos and his 2k16 Model... I tried. But it's not pefect
  6. Not Bad! You gotta tailor these into a story E-Fed maybe do highlights from matches with every Promo Vid
  7. For jokes you gotta just post a pic of booker when he Dressed up as Sting for a Thunder Run in. He did a podcast recently about it.. might be funny if you managed to tweet him that Photo or something.
  8. I like it! the face on booker Looks great! yeah.. that works well. Very good job!
  9. wait what? You got banned on 2k Forums or from the game?
  10. awww.. man... awww . You done did it again. He is beautiful. I would hug you if it wasn't for social distancing.
  11. Top One you've nailed him! Not sold on the textured hair... but it works!
  12. who is this Nurse Ratchet... she like some Silent Hill character! Looks good. You got super broad knowledge of Indy female wrestlers!
  13. Yeh I noticed that face paints were missing in entrances too. had to texture them over face tattoos
  14. Man your textures are really sharpe! Loving the face paints you do. Actually a bit gutted you haven't branched out into Real world Caw's... you are damn good at customs.
  15. Yehhhh... I'll bite for those Roman and Seth. SHUT UP ! and take my Download.... Take it.
  16. Slim Picking on the hair... I been watching a lot of kidman recently... being we was doing those Raven Caws I'd say his one suits him more.. but none are perfect in 2k20 Or these two perhaps.. but depends on your face texure and forehead placements
  17. Loving how 2k20 is getting an influx of the old creators finally jumping on board. It's definitely gotten more CAW's love in recent months.
  18. has kidman been in any wwe Game? Trying to think if there's a model to even use as a base to go off.
  19. He's spot on ! Id say for the Flock attire, make his hair messy...
  20. I'm gonna stick with the 2k Rey Body, this caw is great! but I personally can't justify a second Rey Rey slot... Although he is a lot thicker body now in his WWE run
  21. That Slaughter Looks amazing! you're making have to delete my own creations to free up space for yours, really impressive work.
  22. That benoit is GOOD! definitely captures his WCW 97-98 era I wasn't gonna make a benoit.... He was my all time favorite wrestler... But for my game I was going to pass.... Now i'm thinking I might attempt like yours
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