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  1. Tweak the eyes on Eddie... He's like 90% there but something about the eyes. maybe the rotation, make them little thinner.. its something, just wanna say double check them x
  2. So COOL! I wish this was on ps4
  3. Man the bugs in this game don't even make logical sense... I really have zero faith in visual concepts... no matter how many years they take... Yukes has been doing games for 20 yrs... 20yrs of coding and knowing what works and what doesn't. Midway made the TNA game and bloody nailed it a decade ago... first try.
  4. Nope... it's the textures from 2k20, can cut, edit use faces logos whatever for anything you want.. pc, xbox, ps4. Just helps to have a bit of photoshop know how.
  5. what am I looking at here? the belts? That one that over stretched? did you texture that onto a Belt gold Plate, or straight onto the Belt Strap as an Image?
  6. He's back Bitches!! WOOO That is a SUPER NICE DDP... Think his hair might be a bit dark on the sides..but the face is perfect mate. Like a diamond cutter outta nowhere. ....The Peja is back.. BANG! Honestly, I don't think this can be improved at all.. nailed it.
  7. Tasty! How on god's earth had it taken AJ so long to notice your attires when you smashing out stuff of his at this level of quality. Man should be sending you the blueprints of his attires the day he gets them haha. That being said have you ever straight up just asked him? strikes me as the kinda guy that would be helpful.. and you clearly have a good track record
  8. I checked.. All logos have appeared for me. It's definitely an issue when people Download too many Caw's and then delete to free up space! I had to wipe my whole caw's and textures to start over when that happened to me.
  9. boom! very nice... insane how much he looks like the 2K model 10/10
  10. I really don't know about this game yet.... The models look okay... but it seems super claustrophobic in terms of game play. The ring seems too small and everything is piled up around the arena, gives no idea of space. Like when you do 2K games with big head mode... and everything is too rammed.
  11. All i'd say is Hang tight with your EC3 until his Impact debut.. again. Might be a newer attire. Otherwise... Unless he changes his look soon, your's is now spot on! How can you improve perfection.
  12. That is way better!! Day and Night with difference there. Everything from the head shape to the skin tone is way better. Amazing job!
  13. Jesus... Someones gotta keep a record of Gamevolts Uploads and user names...the man is a cawing machine.
  14. Oh Man.. Black Tiger Eddie is beautiful
  15. I like the textures ! Not sure about the choice of mask... Looks a bit plain and just coloured around. Maybe try and cut some textures for a mask with a bit of details I was taught that in order to line up textures with a CAW mask.. actually screen grab said mask from the caw mode.. from a few angles. and then literally cut out the sections you want to texture. You end up with a good texture of like Horns or eye sections. It's How I did my 2k20 Ligers mask
  16. I hate to say it but that's a long shot now. If you had hit up that request In the launch months of 2k17,18 or 19 I reckon people might have been up for the work. But 2k20 is on its death bed these days.. Barely a handful of cawer's only turning out the very best real world wrestler caws usually. You might get lucky on getting someone to help, like do some textures or something? But I think most of the effort might have to be your own.
  17. Yeh, I guess only PC has that option... We do have that Pin Drop Plaza arena... Kinda works for covid times.
  18. Not gonna lie.. that gave me a tingle. You did the chairs too! haha
  19. Oooo See..... You nailed Edge because the 2k version kinda looked half arsed. But EC3 in game looked bang on, and yes I know he's got a hair cut and goatee now but something about yours seems off from a far. The texture is correct.. I think the face morphings might be off. He also needs to be a little more jacked... Unless he has slimmed down since wwe... we don't know yet. Not gonna tell you how to suck eggs but can you do a side by side with his in Game version?
  20. Ooooooooo That's Not half bad! Colours look spot on. Like the snickers logo for extra points Yeh I mean, I've only just started working on mine again too... same textures slightly different Tron Drops but it looks the same. Well done! Once you got Souled out done you can copy and paste and change them around to get the others.. only ones that take extra attention are any classic 94 arenas like saturday night wcw arena and stuff.
  21. Yeh gamevolt... you've taught me a little trick with rey's Eyes! this is why you are the legend.... always teaching us eager noob cawer's
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