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  1. I think it's just a bit flat on the sides... Scottys mullet had bounce to it. There might not be the style available, So I get why you picked it... It's a good choice and I like how to padded out the sides with texture! This is probably the same issue we had with Stevie ray...his exact hair isn't in the game
  2. That is beautiful work as usual sir! I think Rick looks flawless.. like he's blended perfectly.. Scotty...something about the hair seems off.. might be the limit of caw hair parts maybe?. But the face and body are perfect
  3. His Tyson is probably my favourite Caw of 2020! Baddest man on the planet
  4. The jacket is great.. but I'd go with a different material. The logos don't blend well in 2k20 when you use certain material types. OHH I just noticed the Boot's.. NICE Touch!
  5. Rick looks amazing.. arhhh I might have to beg for those textures too. I wasn't gonna make a Rick but he looks great! Remember the boots.. might have to texture one to be different colour. .. Oh might give him a bit more of a gut too... even Rick in his prime wasn't that Cut. Nail the jacket and spray art and I'll give you a Gold Star! x
  6. AWWW classic Scotty! That hair choice looks good... is that still Bo Dallas singlet? looks a lot better on your Caw than on mine.. maybe my body morph is off.
  7. That is mega taking shape!!! Are you doing any modern day tattoo'd version?
  8. Okay, i'm starting to love this now....
  9. Go On.. I second a Brian Christopher... Or my vote is Shad Gaspard... I saw one on XBox that made my heart sad... RIP Shad.
  10. .... For once I'm gonna be harsh, something about the eyes is off, like i've seen others do a banging jericho and the eyes and the hair colour don't sync up with yours. he Kinda looks like AEW's MJF with Longer hair.
  11. I literally just happened across that Britt Baker.. its amazingly good!
  12. I actually don't have or use Twitter, but i'll save your link and keep tabs on stuff.. Thanks!
  13. I don't have that issue.. i think it's the amount of textures you gots loaded in there.. and the lighting too. the amount of logos on that CAA and the caws too gives me anxiety ... That would grind my game to 10 fps easily...
  14. I mean that is flawless... but why though? I don't understand why people hatig the in Game Rock... he aint too bad Although your one will definitely be slimmer like he was in 2000 .. his in game model with 2015 Rock's Body is too muscled
  15. That Kane looks amazing, and Punk!... it could be your preview pics... are they uploaded yet? I'll have a Download to inspect closer lol really appreciate your caw's man, A Lot of details and love gone into these!
  16. I just downloaded a Kenta Caw on ps4... but he doesn't appear in moves Edit or Entrance edits.... Weird. I tried copying him over to a slot, changing name everything.. He just isn't selectable
  17. Very Nice! Really good Job on covering all the eras of Hollywood
  18. Your Steiner was pretty good even before! but V2 is more defined for sure, The face looks great! Steiner is a hard one because he has many different facial expressions during a match. it's hard to pick a normal resting face for him
  19. SICK!!!! Begging for those logos! Go with lower boots.. Like Reigns Shield ones. and black socks just poking over the top. Next time i turn on WWE i'll snap a pic of my steiner's attire for boot reference
  20. That Raven is insanely improved... I'm so jealous. You making me wanna scrap my one now because its rubbish next to your version haha
  21. Oooo Thats the issue. It's on Thunder Videos the week after the turned heel on Rick, for like a week or two tops he wore it. It's his WCW revenge attire... but I can't find any photos of it. Only on videos
  22. Oh Scotty! If you doing his debut White S"uperstar" Singlet That would be different and new! hardly anyone has been able to texture that
  23. When you reach RVD Hit me Up... I'd love to work with you on Him.. Got attires loaded and ready but can't nail his face
  24. My Jaw just dropped! those are insane! kidman and jericho HOLY HELL
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