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  1. Peja game me faith in people here! also It's so cool seeing your caw's on Element Games channel.
  2. That Raven is way more Improved on the 2k20 Version! NICE"
  3. I Love that hogan! Holy Smokes.. you nailed every era... he looks amazing... Gotta be the best Caw hogan I've seen to date.
  4. Wow that comes out super good! Great looking Buff face too.. Very nice work With your stacked roster now i'd love to see some screen grabs of them all in WCW action next time you fire up for a few games. Lets see the arenas too
  5. I probably won't be doing a Buff myself, but curious how do you play the side logo bricks? Looks very very good!
  6. More of a passion project, If you havent' checked his thread out on PC go see Peja12's P threads for amazin WCW and Attitude era Caw's! Go DO it! With His face morphing of RVD and a bit of tweaking I made this... No movesets yet and Not uploaded yet! 2k18 RVD And today's 2K20 With Peja's Textures and Morphing... Ish...
  7. ARGHH STRESS.. I just spent 2 hrs doing your RVD… and I Was just doing the name and stuff and forgot to save it and my game bloody crashed! "FU 2k and Visual Concepts!"
  8. I love when creators cross platform share.. It's a great way to spread the wealth between both consoles.. Side note, I just watched that David Arquette Movie... and I'm sure if and when you see it he'll be on the list? I pray!
  9. These look so crisp! Love those DDP tattoo's
  10. I don't normally quote.. but when i do it's because I wanna double take at how awesome that is! HOLY SMOKES!
  11. Really Nice RVD! Thats very close to the 2k18 RVD for sure!
  12. Good Spot! Thats also a really good pic
  13. Hair styles or tattoo's never bother me when playing the game, but the attire updates are nice.! That being said Gamevolts Kevin Owens tattoo's cheeky Body suit sleeves workaround was amazing
  14. ooo That Bailey is rough. I mean she looks rough IRL but that hair line.. ouch
  15. Oh YEH! Thats perfect I know the two hair styles are so different. Maybe do one of each? Or I guess People can swap over if they want to... The attire and body morph now are amazing! Love thet Grey Neon Green RVD singlet.. one of my favorite RVD attires. I might be checky and ask for the face morphing if you get time.. I wasn't gonna make an RVD but yours looks too good .
  16. Don't normally Like bumping But I too am itching for that Jericho... I thin Gamouzz doesn't check in much here.. he's mostly on twitter, and seems to have gone back to 2k19 for a bit. I'm sure he'll upload once he checks in tho. *fingers crossed
  17. mask? Cactus or dude love... All you gotta do is not mess with him in attires
  18. All of them have been lost to tie my friend.. Someone else made a brian Kendrick so I removed mine, and cactus and dude love are millions on CC.. you can find one on every page near enough
  19. Ah man.. Gargano's outfit looks popping! I gotta grab that one. And Keith Lee... Mwah! you big beautiful bastard! He looks real.. Gotta be one of the best models 2k did Never really noticed until your attires for him
  20. Honestly Not all of them, Can always ask and If I have them I can re-upload for you. But most have been deleted as I've found better versions from other Creators or just didn't have the space for some guys anymore. 100 Caw slots when Only 1 Alt attire is usable in 2k20 isn't enough.
  21. Number 1... maybe make that a shade lighter .. it's probably different to your eyes in game than on the Pictures here but thats a massive difference in just one tweaking session! as always, Loving your work man!
  22. Definitely one of the best RVD faces I've seen for 2k20... I have some thoughts, He needs a fade texture around his head for hair.. looks too bald. His forehead seems very high also... actually no maybe its just that hair sits a bit far back. You made his butt and Thighs a bit too thick, slim him down a tweak but also pad out his lower calves to make his boots seem a little bigger, hmmm.... first upload photos i'd give you a strong 8/10 for him! hair and butt thickness needs a tweaking lol
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