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  1. To this day I have no clue who sick boy was.. I dont think I ever seen him wrestle a match.. ever
  2. Think the face needs to be a bit slimmer and gaunt.... Orange tends to look like he's skipped a few healthy meals and maybe not caught enough sleep. I think you're insanely good tho, once you pull everything together he's gonna look amazing. Like the shades are gonna pull it all together for sure.
  3. I think mixing into one thread is probably better, to be fair people using your textures are gonna search both anyway... or if they on 2k19 on PC and like WCW they probably know your gamer tags! It's only just dawned on me with you being on PC, have to dabbled in Mod's for 2k20 or 19? Surely that is gonna be the next step in the ultimate wwe game
  4. I love that Eddie, but I'd have gone with his Eddie is my Favourite Wrestler Shirt *
  5. With the Rumble I had to "cheat" climb the top turnbuckle.. any corner at any stage in the match... only jump attack or kick if someone comes near you. Grind them right down and makes it a breeze to eliminate the last one standing! You will take mild damage but I made the whole rumble still within Yellow meter
  6. So I've only had the game a day, and got about 40,000 Bucks from the Campaign and messing about in Matches. Obviously the end goal is to unlock everyone, but with the Monthly store discount things what if I already have say HHH and he's available in two different packs. Do they still take the full points or do you get refunded any difference? And what's the deal with these discount Bundles... once they gone are they gone for good? or is it randomised. What's the most constructive point efficient way to Unlock stuff (Side note I'm kinda enjoying this game... feels a lot like TNA impact but with the All Stars / wwe mobile game Models)
  7. For me it's more that my PS4 Hard drive died and with it all my Previous 2k Games caw's, DLC, and save files... which I stupidly never backed up! I want to play a new wrestling game but also CBA to caw right now... wanted something easy, like WWE All stars was. Feels weird being November and not having a new WWE game.... So i've bitten on it for £20 here in Uk.
  8. Seeing as you folks here seem to be the main player base Can I ask a couple of questions ... for $20 is this worth buying now? How bad is the grind? Like how many matches to unlock one character or skin? Oh also.. is the DLC wrestlers unlocked or you gotta grind them to unlock also?
  9. Definitely smashed it on that Benoit! and Arn... I'm kinda more excited going forward onto next gen WWE games, seeing what's you have achieved here on 2k20 & 2k19 means that cawing for future games might actually be on par with 2k Models! Or even better. WCW will live again. Forever!
  10. Mongo man.... bloody hell how was that guy a wrestler
  11. Just seen your Alex Wright! your fellow countryman haha. Very nice! I am truly gutted caw's can be cross shared to consoles or even ported year after year... these have got to be the best WCW rosters ever made from any game. (including original WCW games!) Tho I do Still say N64 WCW Revenge was the best ever
  12. Love all these, It's been a weird time on this forum... usually buzzing this time of year with a new game, but 2020 is quiet as all hell... and also well.. the world gone to pot. But those caw's are a ray of sunlight in a sky of dark cloud!
  13. Still knocking it out the LA PARK! Get it!?! Great work as always, surely you're reaching the end of the Rosters... you straight up Made the best DLC for 2k20.. and 19 again! Love these
  14. I lost all my save data.. but that RVD I'm gonna start all over again for!!
  15. Insane! thats the best he's ever looked .. ever!
  16. WOAH! that starrcade!!!! Thats awesome mate, Great idea .. and uses few textures too! = faster loads .. very nice! OMG!" I just seen the others! Holy smokes those are amazing. and easy too! love it
  17. Thanks so much! Textures always come in handy at some stage... like for reals I've been doing texturing for various games for 17 yrs now.... bloody hell.
  18. Yeh Please! any & all textures would be great!! Always good for logos and attires too
  19. * DLC Subject to change I was so excited about this game, until I've seen the Micro transactions The grind is too much.... way too much. Win 52 matches to unlock one character or one attire... or pay about $175 just for the main roster characters.. not including DLC
  20. With Hogan.. try using Sami Zani's generic Caw pants. It's got a lower waist line
  21. Anyone here got a straight up honest review? and also.. what's the deal with Attires and Unlocks. how bad is the grind... is it worth all th matches to unlock something? can you use custom arenas online? Questions thats no one seems to ask
  22. Holy Shit! I smell what that rock is cooking!!!
  23. Love thats Jericho.. I've been waiting for weeks for him! Thank you
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