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  1. Although I seen 2k19 for like £7 in shops.. I know exactly how bad it is buying a game so close to "May shut down". trying to pill up as may caws and textures before they shut off the servers... it's gonna suck for anyone still grasping onto 2k19. Don't get me wrong.. 20 is no where near as good a game, but its all we gonna have after may. Unless PC modding. or a miracle and they leave the 19 servers on!
  2. All Ive done is currently Upped as they are.. other than a few arena Logos I havent worked on any Wrestlers since. If I do I'll let you know.. don't worry So I've made a Go at doing Steiner... but this is why I hate Cawing.. they never look anywhere near as smooth or as good as the in game models... even if the ones 2k makes are rubbish they all seem... dare I say, Better. I Dunno.. something seems really off.
  3. Yeh, Just got them.. logos are fine mate.. clearly you know how to do them more than me.. I dread having to re-edit anything of mine now. Any plans on someone new then? *Cough* RVD *COugh*
  4. Very Nice sir! Also Sorry I posted my comment in my own topic like a twit
  5. Very Nice sir! Edit Just a reminder to anyone.. all my textures are uploaded here for like the next 20 days … those that want them, have at it. If you make a better job and the download and work then please do upload them to CC.. Password for RAR file : CawsPTC https://easyupload.io/b41l1z
  6. What's the deal with that advert on 2k.. Locker codes for the rumble this weekend that unlock Austin and rock? sorry if this is technically hotlinking, Wait.. so they wanna sell new players the game for more that its been on sale for before.. and give them a pitiful 15,000 vc. when chances are most people that have bought this 1) unlock for fun or 2) buy the accelerator thing. I don't get how these codes work tho? did they do anything for 2k19?
  7. tags or 4 ways crash on the forth man entrances for me. this is a new issue in the last few days. also they patched out the short hair opacity glitch.. no more short haired attires
  8. Yep Scott hall going up.. and Liger 3,0 Best yet. and that's me done for the weekend, Peace!
  9. Super Dragon is gone my friend... I wasn't happy with my wonky ass textures after my mates said they looked rubbish. So I scrapped him
  10. I'm just saying raise his eyes brows and upper nose just a tad bit higher... like 2 clicks max, I still might be wrong... this otherwise looks bang on!
  11. They should be Under the Hollywood Hogan - Hulkamania Folder Oh you meant upload the attires onto CC.. oh okay, coming online now .. be up shortly
  12. yeh.. his eyes seem a little small and a bit low. He might look that way in reality but on the caws it seems.. tiny bit off
  13. Oh GOD.. it's so bad.. I feel your pain bro, then even if you manage to get through the creation... and you test out your first match and the wrestler comes out with flying hair... ARGH! Pro tip.. exit out and save every 20 mins of creations.. or if it crashes, yeh.. its game over.
  14. That's actually pretty good! Side note.. if you ever wanted to make an RVD I have some boss textures, but my caw making face skills are whack
  15. Okay, these are all F'd. It's something flawed .. again.. with 2k20. From today 17th Jan - 15th Feb... (Happy Valentines my lovelies) I'm uploading all my custom textures here… those that want have at it. If you make a better job and the download and work then please do upload them to CC.. Have at it. Password for RAR file : CawsPTC https://easyupload.io/b41l1z
  16. Very nice! Glad to see Xbox getting some decent loving. Although i'm mostly just doing nwo / attitude era stuffs if you want any textures i'd share with ya. Spread the love and all.
  17. Lets do a Build a long... Tiger Mask & Tiger IV I'm not going too mental here... just showing what I rustled up quickly. These at 512 x 512 Rear of mask 256 x 256 and Tiger IV Mask back to 512 x 512 Within reason these are all I'd use for Both Tiger masks... not sure what Pants to use for Tiger IV yet... or any textures... i'll have a look into that in future maybe
  18. I've just upped Liger by Himself, but Tiger 4... what attire? and who should I skin him over... Akira is alright size,but his goatee isn't. All but tiger should be back up... are there still issues?
  19. Check first post... 1st Wave is up Kurt Angle (modern TNA ish & Classic 2000) Jushin Liger Mankind Brian Kendrick Suicide Jeff Hardy La Parka (LA Park)
  20. Not a clue why this happens. I installed the game at my mates yesterday on his ps4 and everything downloaded with logos fine. Basically from what I can see is if you Download one wrestler at a time, edit the logo's so they will appear, save it etc.. it should work! If you are the type that downloads random Caw's and attires and then deletes them etc that's what messes the logos up.
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