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  1. Not Bad! You gotta tailor these into a story E-Fed maybe do highlights from matches with every Promo Vid
  2. haha That booker is wicked
  3. I'm not the best cawer, still learning myself actually.. But I've been following Ryedee's approach. Get a clean front image, mirror it if need be. and i try to line the faces up on par with his... seeing as .. you know.... he's probably the best all round caw maker.
  4. I'm torn if this is worse than 2k15 with Lawler going, " and here's some of the highlights" lets have a look at that highlight" here's another Highlight" every single F@@@ing match I did a match on 2k20 just now and the replays flashed with random ass moves and bumps i didn't even recall them being done in the match. There's clearly no logic
  5. yeh I'm liking the Mohawk taker... maybe because I was playing 2k15 for like 4 yrs .. He was one that kinda stuck with me a lot. And you're welcome! Like i keep saying if we all help out then we all get better at cawing and can finally make something good out of the mess that 2k is gonna give us.
  6. Honestly that is really good work... side by side definitely helps.
  7. The goatee is a bit dark.. it's not your fault it's the lighting in game... Make his eyes just a wee bit smaller and further apart.. Just a click or two. like one click outwards and One click higher up. And Pow.. that would be spot on!
  8. For jokes you gotta just post a pic of booker when he Dressed up as Sting for a Thunder Run in. He did a podcast recently about it.. might be funny if you managed to tweet him that Photo or something.
  9. I like it! the face on booker Looks great! yeah.. that works well. Very good job!
  10. wait what? You got banned on 2k Forums or from the game?
  11. awww.. man... awww . You done did it again. He is beautiful. I would hug you if it wasn't for social distancing.
  12. Top One you've nailed him! Not sold on the textured hair... but it works!
  13. Just in case anyone wants more direct information the developer does weekly update vlogs now on Youtube, Will Link the Channel here; https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3BJ5xyhR3_jMWLWhEyBm3w/videos Official Website also Gets updated a lot more now; https://www.retromaniawrestling.com/ As of June 29th 2020 the bullet points are; No Online Multiplayer (at Launch... sales will determine if they will or can patch in afterwards) No Female Wrestlers No Caw Mode (at Launch... sales will determine if they will or can patch in afterwards) Might be Hidden Wrestlers Like WCW nWo Revenge DLC wrestlers are coming All in all I'm excited... it looks good! I Hope it plays like It seems in trailers.
  14. who is this Nurse Ratchet... she like some Silent Hill character! Looks good. You got super broad knowledge of Indy female wrestlers!
  15. Yeh I noticed that face paints were missing in entrances too. had to texture them over face tattoos
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