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  1. Well I'm Dublin, or Jonathan. I've been part of the Mod Team for nearly a year, and I became G-Mod last August after moderating WWE/ECW Chat, and Spoilers Chat. I joined the forum a day or two after it was set up, but didn't become active until around the summer. I'm 15, from Ireland and I like loads of sports. My favourite sport is Rugby, which I've been playing for years, but I also like Soccer and Tennis. That's without mentioning wrestling, which I also love. The Rock and The Dudley Boyz are my all-time favourite wrestler/tag-team. Like a lotta different music, which you can tell from my profile. Love films too, mostly comedies, and TV of course. Favourite shows are Heroes and Lost. That's all I can really think of, but if you ever need help, just PM me.
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