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  1. I did get the full version but I bought it in the Lite version app. I probably should have just downloaded the full version but I didn't want to wait for the download a second time. But anyways no I haven't tried online yet, still need to figure out how to properly play instead of just mashing buttons lol

  2. They have Rugrats too, which I would take any day over Spongebob haha

  3. Thats about where I stopped watching too, and I just double checked it's working fine for me. Maybe because you only have a trial membership?

  4. I watched all of Heroes on there a long time ago, Prison Break I still have to finish too actually haha and Paranormal Activity 1 & 2 both work for me? I watched them the other day

  5. Yea it is, thank you haha So far I've just been watching the more well known stuff, lately I watched Chronicles of Riddick, 1984 and I tried to watch Robocop but all the dialogue got cut out :/

  6. Just starting it now, hopefully it's as good as everyone says haha

  7. Not at all, but the only good kids show I've seen on there is Rugrats. If they would get some 90's Nickelodeon on there then I'd be watching a lot more :P

  8. The only WWE DVD I actually want to see is the new WCW Nitro one, but I would probably end up watching a bunch if they were on Netflix. Also if you're looking for new tv shows the Canadian one doesn't have many, mainly kids shows from what I've seen.

  9. I actually have no idea, I'm pretty sure the US Netflix has all the seasons of The Office, and a ton of WWE dvds because I can see them on mine, but they are "Unavailable in my location" or something along those lines

  10. If the Canadian store had everything the American one does I would gladly pay for it too. It has to be one of the best online services available right now

  11. Damn seems like the world does not want you to get Netflix :P

  12. That sucks, could you buy a prepaid $25 visa/mastercard and just use it?

  13. Well as of now my dad uses it a lot, and he just lets me use his account for it. Can you not do the 1 Month free trial?

  14. Lol I hardly ever use it. The Canadian Netflix hardly has anything good, well compared to the US one anyways

  15. Yes I am, and alright added.

  16. Well it temporarily fixed itself, it was staying in tune no problem, then today I set the guitar down after playing it and maybe 30 mins later the low E string uncoiled itself at the bridge lol So I am definitely going to be getting new strings soon, I don't want to leave it minus a string for very long and have it get even more messed up :P

  17. Thanks, and yea Nikki has led quite a couple interesting lives lol

  18. Hmm the only thing I can suggest is maybe deleting the one you have and making a new one, could just be a bad piece of coding on the one you have now.

  19. I just made a sig on mygamecard.net or whatever the site is and used the one that shows your avatar, although I think any of them will work, then just copied and pasted the code, nothing to special to it. Not sure if there's something extra but that's all I've ever done and it updates for me all the time

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