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Status Updates posted by TCsinger09

  1. I have also been working on a Tamina what hair are you going to use?


  3. please help me out with my lita

  4. hey just wondering if you could help me out with my lita(suggestions)it's in the ps3 section

  5. it's in the ps3 section if you would just suggest what needs to be changed and stuff like that

  6. submitted Tamina's formula to the main site a couple of hours ago

  7. sorry...but i took on of your requests but that dosent mean that you cant still make her

  8. i heard and i wish you a speedy recovery

  9. your Savannah attires are sick!!!!

  10. Have you made a Lucky Cannon?

  11. posted rosies formula on my site

  12. what ever happened to you??

  13. Thank you very much.

  14. i was going to post her on here to get some feedback but my cap card is messing up

  15. She is a Mexican wrestler named Sexy Star


  17. I did. The only thing that was on it was my Lita from last year....but i havent messed with it since

  18. Nice find!! (I think you are right about it being AJ)

  19. Her name is Sexy Star she is in AAA

  20. No I have not posted Tenille Tayla's formula yet because i wasn't sold on how she looked

  21. My PSN is TCsinger09....I currently only have paintools on PSN , I'm so glad you like my work

  22. I actually have some CAWS already made they are just not posted because of lack of attires....anyone that you would like to see made?

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