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  1. I can't believe I'm saying this, but Wolfpac Sting is my favorite version on last gen, it looks so much better than the other models.
  2. Did you already do this for the other DLC moves as well?
  3. *UNASSIGNED ? Discus Punch 2 (ground side strong strike face down) Discus Punch 3 (ground upper strong strike face down) Kerry Von Erich, he has them set as finishers by default on last gen.
  4. I'm not asking for a perfect game. It would take mere minutes for 2K to apply wrist tape to Billy Gunn in a patch, but they choose not to, forcing people who want an accurate looking Gunn to waste a slot on him. The fact that nobody at 2K cared enough to notice Gunn's lack of wrist tape throughout the development of the game is telling. Gunn wrestled hundreds of televised matches in wrist tape. I've never seen him without it. The same idea now applies to Kevin Von Erich, who is inexplicably wearing orange. Oddly enough, they did patch the last gen version and fixed Sami Zayn, as his default model was missing wrist tape on one arm, very surprised that they did that.
  5. Hey cuey82, just wondering when your next upload will happen, I would love to see more guys who have new moves like #DIY, Cage, and Elgin.
  6. Yeah, everything appears to be back, TJP Clutch is back and working properly, both in-game and the menus.
  7. Because the current gen version isn't fun and there's too many limitations in CAW mode. In regards to this latest patch, I've already emailed 2K and got a response. Hello Winterdj01, Thank you once more for contacting 2K Support and for bringing up your issue. With the information you had provided, we were able to properly inform the development team of this issue as well as your personal experience encountered with it. The developers have stated that a fix for this issue is in the works and should be properly addressed within the next upcoming patch. With that said, we currently do not have a time-frame or ETA on when this patch will be released. In the meantime, we will place this ticket On-Hold and keep you updated on the status of the patch. When it does get released, we will notify you accordingly and follow-up with your reported issue. If you should have any additional questions or concerns, do let me know and I'd be more than happy to assist. Best regards, Rian S. 2K Support Winterdj01, Jan 13, 4:29 PM EST: I paid for the WWE 2K17 Season Pass which included the New Moves Pack months ago and now the moves are gone from the game after the latest patch, this is unacceptable. This email is a service from 2K Support. [NYMOWX-O43K]
  8. cuey82, you definitely need to upload more PWG guys I mean, just look at the Mystery Vortex IV results from last week Oh wait...
  9. That sounds awesome...if only I had a good Trevor Lee CAW on 360. Update: I downloaded your awesome CAW yesterday but I was never able to hit the attack as a signature so I'll probably just make it a regular move.
  10. I'd love it a lot more if I could transfer it over to WWE 2K16 because I have tons of great CAWs that need these moves (thanks Cuey82) and of course the ankle locks that are perfect for Ken Shamrock.
  11. That sounds awesome...if only I had a good Trevor Lee CAW on 360.
  12. He already uploaded basically the entire 2015 ROH roster, almost everyone who's relevant in PWG, and dozens of other indy guys.
  13. I doubt we're gonna get any new superstar heads, 2K16 had Flair, retro Orton, and Maddox added just because it was easy to reuse old data since they had CAW models that were apart of the Showcases in 2K15.
  14. Right, that's totally understandable, and it is really annoying how they've never included that feature since the CAW system hasn't been updated since WWE 13, aside from changing some Superstar Heads.
  15. Oh, and they just announced that the new moves pack for 2K17 will include the TJP Clutch, so will you remake him in that game?
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