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Foxy Shazam

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    CM Punk, Dynamite Kid
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    The Beatles, Nirvana, The Pixies, and many others.
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    Austin Aries
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    Masked Vigilante
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    JR's Main Event Mustard
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    Breaking Bad, Freaks and Geeks, Arrested Development,
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    Royal Nakamura made those bad boys.
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    Pro Wrestling, super heroes, and rock 'n' roll.
  1. well I guess Its kinda late for me but I just found this so I'll introduce myself Hey I'm Julio Chavez and my favorite wrestler is Jeff Hardy. I've been watching wrestling since I was 5 and my favorites have always been the Rock and Jeff Hardy, but stopped in 3rd grade cause I had no one to talk about it with. I started again like 2 years ago and I'm hooked again. The only games of wrestling I've had are one when I aws little(forgot the name) and SVR 06-08 I love screamo rock music (how many mexicans do you know that love Screamo. lol) I hate people that say wrestling is for losers or gay. I want to be a wrestler when I grow up but seeing as I'm too skinny and have like no muscle on my body I dont see that happening. I am a Benoit follower (hate people that turned on him, It wasnt him it was the roids). If I was a wrestler my finisher would be a front flip russian leg sweep. I currently live in gurnee, Illinios but we move so much Im sure that'll change soon. Hello to all the new people
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