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  1. Lmao LowK steals all his shit from 90's japan he can *Censored* off.
  2. Naito needs a friend after EVIL turned....
  3. He account was hacked. Same person hacked CIMA's too.
  4. Why don't i remember this at all.
  5. I know Mox is probably the one to do it but *Censored* let Kingston beat Omega.
  6. They booked Crimson too who beat his wife.
  7. Soooooooooooo, safe to assume Kyle, Johnny and Candice are in quarantine?
  8. Ted Lasso is so *censored*ing charming. Don't think i ever watched a show with a smile on my face for a majority of the series.
  9. That Tony Khan promo from Elevation is pretty bad. He looks unhinged. No reason for that dude to be on TV but i think hes letting the praise from the promoter of the year and the forbidden door keeper get to his head.
  10. Where the hell has Bugez been?
  11. ooooooooooooo Anna isn't gonna be happy about that.
  12. Lunchbox

    WWE Drama

    No my bad, Drake.
  13. There are several houses ive seen flying Trump flags and not American flags.
  14. Don't know, his NJPW run for the G1 was really fantastic and everything made sense. Same with his Bloodsport matchess. This is all on Khan, he said "What do you expect us to blow up the wrestlers." as if they legit didn't steal that ending from a match that did the explosions right. Cody's pyro he gets is more intense than those sparklers that went off last night.
  15. Poor Mox is never going to catch a break dude just can't get away from shitty storylines and gimmicks. Shalk attempting to murder people with fireworks at GCW's Backyard Show was more impressive than this shit. Also whats with all the *censored*ery during matches? The dark match had Rebel try to interfere, the Bucks match had Wardlow try to interfere, the women's title match had all the post match stuff, Miro match had a pre match beat down, Private Party got involved with the Hardy match, and the Good Brother ran in on the main. So technically three matches two being multiman matches and one being cinematic didn't have extra run ins.
  16. Lunchbox

    WWE Drama

    Think he is also on Joey Ryan's side with everything he has going on.
  17. That main event was embarrassing as *Censored*.
  18. The problem is that twitter is hyping up that its gonna be Punk/Angle/Big Dave/Christian but if its anyone but them its a let down now. I would have never announced a signing. Would have just had the show up. Also christ slow down with the signings, the roster is almost at 100 wrestlers alone.
  19. God i was on the fence about those Super 7 figures for so long and never pulled the trigger and im glad I didn't because they look like such shit.
  20. Deadlock seriously never fails to deliver.
  21. Feel like people don't talk about how great Swingers gimmick is.
  22. Oh my god i thought it happened again.
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