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  1. 10 hours ago, Generations said:

    There are still a bunch of things to be anxious about. Like the fact that Trump knows information about this country that he never should have had access to. Or the fact that he continues to fire up his base of extremist terrorist types to rally behind him. BUT...at least we can rest a bit easier knowing where the power lies. Investigations can be done. Arrests can be made. It's an uphill battle, but, it's a start. Treat the white supremacist's who post their plans online as credible threats. Investigate every single one of them. Don't let up.

    Reports are Q-anon are unsure now what to believe or not to believe and proud boyz are split on if they should support trump or not since he was suppose to be the guy.

  2. Hes kinda a baby, he was all pissy with GCW cause they made a trading card with his name on it. Janela told him to go *Censored* himself and he will give him money to shut up. Funny thing is Page started to gain momentum cause he was being put over by GCW.  Hes gonna be *censored*ing annoying if he doesn't get pushed in AEW or WWE.

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