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  1. Hes kinda a baby, he was all pissy with GCW cause they made a trading card with his name on it. Janela told him to go *Censored* himself and he will give him money to shut up. Funny thing is Page started to gain momentum cause he was being put over by GCW.  Hes gonna be *censored*ing annoying if he doesn't get pushed in AEW or WWE.

  2. 16 hours ago, M3J said:

    get well soon, y'all



    I might have covid too, apparently, but I 120% doubt it. Fever, mild head pains probably due to lack of caffeine (though it lasted for few days), and stiff enough neck. Not much else, and even then, my temp never got above 100.2, so. Probably just pizza

    When i had covid the only symptom i had associated to covid was cold chills and no energy. Never had a fever.

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