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  1. 4 hours ago, PaperThinWalls said:

    It just feels like he's been through so many trials and tribulation already to get where he's at that adding more to it just seems unnecessarily excessive. If they don't pull the trigger at some point in the very near future it could turn into a complete farce.

    Exactly this. The crowd is hot for him at this very moment pull the trigger now and get the belt on him.

  2. 16 hours ago, Austin3035 said:

    Yeah but it hasn't his mouth got kicked out of pretty much most wrestling companies he worked he kind of a bad PR move


    But it will be a chance to see how far TNT will let aew go


    Man worked CHIKARA with zero issues. Mans not a issue. 

  3. 37 minutes ago, Generations said:

    They probably made Cardona champion so Mox could win the title off him and be the "face". Not sure it will work, though.

    But, honestly...I'm surprised that Cardona took that much punishment. Huge kudos to the guy for proving a lot of people wrong.

    I really thought they pulled Gage from the Colon match last week because the plan was to eventually put the belt on Colon, guess i was wrong. 

  4. 15 hours ago, Generations said:


    Lol...I'm sure that was the runoff from people hearing that Nick Gage appeared, and tuning in late. 

    Which is pretty cool. Highest numbers were right after Nick Gage segment. Even higher than Chavo or the main event. 

    Its 100% stupid sexy yoots.


    Gage is rad. I never cared for him until my first GCW show. The love that this man has for wrestling fans is incredible. His entrance is probably the most simple, yet awesome in professional in wrestling. 

  5. On 7/17/2021 at 1:53 PM, Fight Me. said:

    At least he's not these crazy people on Twitter saying TK is buying tickets for it to sell out and swear he always does that with Dynamite. They attacked this tickets account saying they promoted AEW more than WWE's MSG show and the account became restricted lol

    Even if he did do that its such a common practice who cares. Some sports teams have legit just had employees scanning tickets at the gate to say people attended. 

  6. Darbys always gonna be a bitch to me cause there was that super hot moment in PWG where Trevor Lee was tearing him up and he gave Darby a chair and held his arms open and waited for a shot to the head and the crowd was going nuclear and he put the chair down and it was such a lame moment. The pop if he hit Lee would have been so massive. 

    Just feel like there are so many people who do what Darby do so much better, which makes the Jeff Hardy comparison funny cause i feel the same way about that dude. 

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