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  1. God what i would have given to go to the store and *Censored* with him after the pic and be like "I tested positive for Covid 19 and have it right now but i know its fake like you say it is." just to see his reaction.

  2. 1 hour ago, Generations said:

    Things I'm gonna need for this deathmatch to actually make me happy:


    -If the main card is at Daily's Place, then the deathmatch needs to be in a separate ring (in the football stadium).

    -The ring needs to be absolutely covered in barbed wire...not just a few pathetic strings.

    -The explosions need to be convincing enough that it actually seems like someone could get hurt. 

    -Involve Onita in some way. Even if it's just to raise the hand of the winner. 

    If you want all those other things you can't have Onita involved at all.  He would make them use his crew to set everything up and the explosions they used at CZW shows were so sad.

  3. 1 hour ago, M3J said:

    They really have no ethics or morals, they're happily feeding their constituents misinformation because they know the right will believe anything. Probably makes it easier to keep support while they keep lining their pockets with corp money 

    Which is sad cause it took a 30 second google search to get the info i found.

  4. So that idiot with the eyepatch is a *censored*ing moron. Hes saying the freeze over is the result of windpower not working when almost 80% of the states energy comes from fossil fuels. I worked at a fossil fuel plant, steam turbine and our first cold season we had to walk around the plant with propane tanks and touches to keep pipes from freeze so hes a *censored*ing idiot. 

  5. Just feel like the man carried the company and did get some eyes back on it through his perc angle type matches he was putting on during the pandemic and the first show back with fans he has to drop the belt. Man was name best outstanding performer in Japan and there were real talks of him maybe grabbing the top award over Naito and Okada. A win over Mutoh would have been a nice last win of his reign if he dropped it. 

  6. 14 hours ago, PaperThinWalls said:

    Hmm. So you don't think she's that? She seems likes another wrestler with a novel, comedy gimmick that has a niche following of fans that go around online creating big hype around them like OC, Warhorse, Danhausen, et al.

    She may look like it but her story in TJPW has been pretty good. Trying to use pro wrestling to boost her idol status than being thrown aside and trying to earn glory though a tag partner but also *censored*ing it up by trying to get the tag in specifically get the pin. Her best work so far has probably been her and Brookes teaming up in DDT. 

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