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  1. My whole point is they were pretty much made into a big deal than lost the belts to the Bucks and stock fell as opposed to the Bucks who are the top team still. Like they didn't even get a rematch for the belt. 


    But to me thats the tag division problem as a whole, theres the Bucks than everyone else. 

  2. Think the issue with Lars is that he had no remorse for the shit he said. Like if he wasn't spouting homophobic shit noone would have cared about him doing gay porn cause lets face it alot of wrestlers do weird porn type shit on the indies. Than WWE tried to say he is the man he is today cause he was bullied in school when he spent his HS years being a online bully it was just a mess. 

  3. 15 hours ago, Generations said:

    If KENTA beats Mox for the US title...maybe he joins with Kenny and Good Brothers, and appears somewhat regularly on Dynamite. You could have Kenny as AEW World champion, Good Brothers as Impact tag champions, and KENTA as IWGP US champion...on the same show, in what would be a truly international and interpromotional stable. 

    Kenta already told Kenny to *Censored* right off literally.

    1 minute ago, Fight Me. said:


    They were ready to go NOW.

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