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  1. No i meant the Dream but like how you gonna be crying about pedophilia and you aint dealing with the one thats RIGHT in front of you. Im glad he got clean of drugs and got himself a real just but god he turned into such a *censored*ing dumb*censored*.  Meth fried his *censored*ing brain. 

  2. 20 hours ago, maskedmaniac said:

    I'm pretty sure businesses will still be able to fire people for what they say on social media if it violates their policies, assuming you work for a privately owned business and not for that state or local goverment. Schools belong to the state and have to adhere by state rules. I'm sure Target or Walmart can still fire you for going on Facebook and dropping N-words about your co-workers and what not. We'll see though, I may be completely wrong on this though.

    It depends, if you put any reference that links you to their company they could maybe do something about it, but like if your social media is private and doesn't hint at anything relating to where you work i don't see how they can. 

  3. Apparently he was suspended from WWE and not allowed at the PC earlier in the year. Man is crying on a *censored*ing video call about qanon shit when he shares a locker room with a dude who has actual evidence against him for being groomer. 

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