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  1. 18 hours ago, Generations said:

    In a lot of ways, AEW is doing what people hate about WWE, and doing an even more offensive job of it. Like...AEW has a great roster. They have these "top guy" positions ready to be filled. But they're pushing Bucks, Cutler, Cassidy, Darby, etc...and they have all of the true top tier talents locked into stables for no good reason. Then they have Hangman, who is ranked number 2 overall and has a great W/L record, but he's booked in a way that he just feels like a forgettable midcard guy. I have no idea what they're doing over there...but it's really starting to become an issue for me. The Kenny angle, Thunder Rosa, and Eddie Kingston are some of the only things that are keeping my interest right now.

    They are doing the stables thing cause NJPW does it.


    And on Darby that PWG promo Trevor Lee cut pretty much sums him up. Hes got one spot, he looks like he came from a Good Charlotte concert. Hes the first wrestler i ever looked at as unbelievable as a wrestler because of his size. 

  2. 5 hours ago, Generations said:

    Signing Tyrus was such a stupid decision. It sounds to me like absolutely no one is happy that he will be involved, and I've seen countless comments about not wanting to watch the show at all because he is. Personally, I hate Tyrus as well. Still want to see what else they have to offer. But...why are they employing this idiot? Besides that, if you were going to take the risk of employing someone with controversy attached to them...why would you not risk it on someone that people actually might want...like Scurll. You fired Cornette and cut ties with Scurll. Your entire company almost ceased to exist because of Dave Lagana. And your first move back is to hire Tyrus? Smh. It's honestly getting hard to support NWA through all of these awful decisions.

    They booked Crimson too who beat his wife.

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