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  1. 2 hours ago, Siul LXXXV said:

    Well he should to an extent. At least improve the product and especially the flagship show. WWE is the biggest wrestling company in the US and one of the top ones in the world...act like!

    Smackdown is great and NXT is still good for now but you damn well know Vince can and should do way better with Raw

    Thats the thing, Vince doesn't view WWE as this at all. People forget he views it purely as a entertainment company. We all know the product has sucked but they keep signing deals all over the place to expand the brand. 

  2. 1 hour ago, Jeb ★ said:

    Gallows and Anderson are like the forgotten members of the Elite at this point 💀


    4 hours ago, Siul LXXXV said:

    I'm tired of the anti "wwe stars" mindset. They were all wrestlers elsewhere before wwe and now somewhere new. They are wrestlers and some of them are much bigger names in wrestling in general than the wwe label. Ruby is undeserved of a title shot besides winning the battle royal but at least she's still a full on active wrestler that is young and revelant right now.


    Danielson didn't take anything from Adam Cole but he still got a great reaction, there's buzz about his signing and joined the elite right away anyway and so it's not like he facing off against Kenny when Danielson showed up . Adam instantly established himself as a heel and part of the group and can still be a big part of it without being the in main event scene going for the title like like NXT. So enough of "pulled a tna"!


    Oh and there needs to be an official meme on here that says "shut up, austin!"

    I mean i think the  pulled a TNA thing is not just brining in WWE talent but giving them a main event spot as they enter the company. Cien is the only big name who hasn't been near the top of the card so far. 

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