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  1. On 2/9/2021 at 1:04 PM, TrisetMaster908 said:

    My dad now has gotten worse, he's on a ventilator and in a medical coma. I'm worried to death, please pray, he needs it. They said if he pulls through he is going to have lasting affects and won't be how he use to be

    I wish I recorded all his past stories as a deputy sheriff, I wish I could see or talk to him, I want him to come home so bad but he might not ever come home, it depends if he pulls through and does well with rehab. 

    I along with all of you can say F*CK YOU COVID! My sister came by and is staying the night here so I can have someone to keep me company, and we may have to look at other options. I'm just so scared, I know he wouldn't want me to blame myself, but I do. I got Covid, and it spread to him. I just feel so guilty 

    Don't blame yourself for covid. Listen when i got it i wasn't going out to socialize, was just going to work and the supermarket and somehow got it and since im at home my parents got it too just cause we live together. I felt guilty and they told me don't. 

  2. Wind doesn't require any new infrastructure, just have to build the actual turbines. Waste is a issue but there isn't as much waste that people think is made from a plant. Solar is good but when the panels break they become a hazard to the environment and the output isn't that great. Solar would be great for individual homes, we have solar here and its lowered out bill by hundreds. 

  3. Well my company would put people in proper training for the most part. Nuclear is the way to go right now anyway. The one plant in Salem can pretty much power 75% of NJ where normal power plants can only really do small areas. Like my company has like 8 plants and maybe three actively run since nuclear is that good.

  4. My whole point is they were pretty much made into a big deal than lost the belts to the Bucks and stock fell as opposed to the Bucks who are the top team still. Like they didn't even get a rematch for the belt. 


    But to me thats the tag division problem as a whole, theres the Bucks than everyone else. 

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