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  1. Shingo. Easily the best wrestler in the company the past year.
  2. The booking is weird. People wanted Ibushi as champ so bad his storyline for the belt was so good he wins the belt, gets a lame redo of the belt and loses it on his first defense to a actual piece of shit. Wouldn't be surprised if Shingo beat Ospreay.
  3. Honestly i liked Kris Stat's return. It was funny and the falcon arrow was dope.
  4. Got my first shot today. Only took like 15 min plus the waiting if you want to.
  5. Lunchbox

    WWE Drama

    Don't forget Low Ki.
  6. Soooooooo why did Ethan Page go to AEW?
  7. Invincible finally hit on Amazon Prime and its first three episodes are really enjoyable. True to the book as far as i can remember. Animations sometimes look a bit cheap but who cares.
  8. How does she always look good.
  9. Im thinking his history of serious injuries might be a huge red flag for any company.
  10. God i hope RVD shows up as high as he possibly can be.
  11. I never liked the classic belt and i don't like this one. Honestly the old belt had nothing wrong with it. They should have just given it a white strap or something.
  12. Joey was legit great before he got injured and was dumped by Ford but *Censored* he became insufferable.
  13. They are doing the stables thing cause NJPW does it. And on Darby that PWG promo Trevor Lee cut pretty much sums him up. Hes got one spot, he looks like he came from a Good Charlotte concert. Hes the first wrestler i ever looked at as unbelievable as a wrestler because of his size.
  14. I saw her everywhere mania weekend just wandering around aimlessly two years ago.
  15. KENTA stealing Yoshi-Hashi's cane than cutting a promo about just how ugly he is is why hes the MVP of 2021 so far.
  16. Lunchbox

    WWE Drama

    Honestly forgot Jeff was employeed by WWE. Also really do think the same of Darby and Jeff, they have one spot, falling off of high things.
  17. Lmao LowK steals all his shit from 90's japan he can *Censored* off.
  18. Naito needs a friend after EVIL turned....
  19. He account was hacked. Same person hacked CIMA's too.
  20. Why don't i remember this at all.
  21. I know Mox is probably the one to do it but *Censored* let Kingston beat Omega.
  22. They booked Crimson too who beat his wife.
  23. Soooooooooooo, safe to assume Kyle, Johnny and Candice are in quarantine?
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