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  1. Is Page WWE bound? His last vlog was like alot of "This might be my last time in impact" and "This might be my last indy booking ever."
  2. Think thats ok. Roberts use to talk softly and everyone listened.
  3. Also very conflicted cause i don't want Big E to go ultra serious, but man NXT Big E ruled. Thats the theme song they need to bring back. The "I can't keep still" one.
  4. You think Jaxon is screaming alone in his living room.
  5. Sooooooo we gonna talk about how dumb it is that they broke up the IIconics just to have them both looking for tag partners on different brands?
  6. So Sting apparently has a no bump contract which is interesting. Last time we saw that was what Pacman Jones in TNA?
  7. This is what bothers me about AEW alot. When i watch it i see them do things that WWE, WCW, and TNA have all done but they get a pass on it alot for some reason. Also its kinda wild that they just started a interpromotion thing and all people on twitter are talking about is Sting. Also also that KO segment was fantastic.
  8. BLOOD RUNS COLD. Lowkey one of my favorite WCW stars, i freaked the *Censored* out when he showed up in CHIKARA for King of Trios years ago.
  9. So i been listening to alot of WHW the past few months and the past few weeks of AEW shows are booked like late WCW shows. Just seeing tons of parallels.
  10. Idk why but when i saw the video of Sting i just thought Glacier.
  11. But compared to his body of work in NJPW its like two totally different wrestlers.
  12. Don't understand whats not clicking with Mox in AEW, his match with Kingston was a total letdown too. None of his AEW matches have really been good.
  13. I mean who doesn't like watching Santos awkwardly talk to fans.
  14. Why the *Censored* can't i have anything nice.
  15. Alex Zayne is dope but probably going to get lost in the shuffle.
  16. Does AEW know they don't have a go a week without signing someone?
  17. The only thing i can think is that they were hoping fans would be back quicker and Miro Day would overshadow Kip leading to the turn? Its so weird. Know i critize AEW booking alot but holy *Censored* is it a no brainer. A few years ago I went to Smackdown in Jersey and one of the segments was Rusev and Aiden with the New Day and Rusev Day was wayyyyyyy over in prime New Day which says alot. People liked Rusev cause he was a killer but still funny and humble. this gamer gimmick aint it.
  18. Rusev was over with the fans for Rusev day, why they didn't lean into Miro Day is beyond me. And its not just Rusev but anyone doing a gamer gimmick is *censored*ing lame.
  19. Rewatched the Wrestlers Court segment and its legitimately so funny. Impact is doing good blending everything together. Got some humor, supernatural, and serious shit all on the card.
  20. *Censored* that bring back Claudio Castagnoli.
  21. I read online somewhere that the only reason hes in AEW is because his twitch channel wasn't getting the subs he wanted so he went back to wrestling.
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