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  1. Cause Elgin been saying NJPW wouldn't book him cause of Tama when clearly he *censored*ed up his own shit.
  2. I am def copping that Johnny Swinger look.
  3. Don't know why i don't like this version of Big Money Matt.
  4. Lmao they really don't have any idea what to do with Sting do they. They are advertising him to congratulate Darby on his win.
  5. Lunchbox

    WWE Drama

    The man eats food on youtube for a living now who gives a single *Censored* what he says.
  6. The funny thing is the fiend version of Alex Bliss wrestles more aggressive than the Demon.
  7. Hes kinda a baby, he was all pissy with GCW cause they made a trading card with his name on it. Janela told him to go *Censored* himself and he will give him money to shut up. Funny thing is Page started to gain momentum cause he was being put over by GCW. Hes gonna be *censored*ing annoying if he doesn't get pushed in AEW or WWE.
  8. James is too handsome. I can never handle it. They should get Eric Badour on the pod too.
  9. Broooooo susan is recording the brawl and asking for a manger.
  10. If i never saw another Eddie Edwards and Sami match i would be pretty *censored*ing happy .
  11. People arrested from the 6th are facing up to 20 years in jail and are begging Trump for pardons.
  12. Lmao but both Billie and Peyton are dying.
  13. Shes def leaning towards Q-anon shit. Which is wild cause Pedro Pascal is the total opposite of all that.
  14. Man, even if he beats him and regains the belt the next night on Smackdown. I want to see Nak win the Rumble and grab that belt.
  15. Its survivable but long term effects are still fully unknown. People still have problems breathing months later. Honestly Trump probably never had it.
  16. God i would *censored*ing love it. Its not the same.
  17. Lunchbox

    WWE Drama

    Nah, would be tough for him to compete after years of not doing it.
  18. When i had covid the only symptom i had associated to covid was cold chills and no energy. Never had a fever.
  19. Its only been like a month but i missed these boys.
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