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  1. Im thinking trump doomed the republican party cause stormtrumpers are calling for the patriot party which would than split the republican votes between two partys.
  2. What Jericho did, those records are public record and can be looked at and searched through by anyone. But your only allowed to donate $5,600 to a campaign. So using both his names hes way over the legal limit. Im not sure but he might also not be able to donate from a stage name is hes donating from a real name too.
  3. This is actually very illegal.
  4. Go watch NJPW Strong cause the Dirty Daddy finally made his NJPW debut.
  5. So something kinda wild i found out about paler on twitter, the company that runs paler is banned from doing business from trying to steal data on facebook in 2016. People are literally handing their SS# and copies of their drivers license to this company.
  6. Theres two houses in town over from me that have been slowly taking their shit down. Havent passed by in two days tho.
  7. Christ he fell like someone tried to throw a sandbag.
  8. Oh he knew he was losing months ago so he started planting the seeds of doubt. Like I asked a Stormtrumper on facebook you think the dems are dumb and can't get anything done, but at the same time think they were able to cleanly steal an election from you guy?
  9. Not only that they broke the bubble for alot of republicans who are now over all this shit and want Trump gone.
  10. Its just funny cause in 2016 i was told its impossible to rig an election and to just accept the results. All summer i was told blue lives matter and protests are wrong. What changed?
  11. Finn shoulda never been a face. He still needs to hit that Real Rock N Rolla level tho.
  12. Brooooo Was hoping for the return of St. Valentines Day Massacre.
  13. Kinda wild what they did to Rhea. She was queen last year.
  14. *censored*ing howwwwwwwwwwling at Kai
  15. Oooooof that tablespot was brutal.
  16. That was *censored*ing cool. Xia looks so badass.
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