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  2. Lunchbox

    WWE Drama

    God what i would have given to go to the store and *Censored* with him after the pic and be like "I tested positive for Covid 19 and have it right now but i know its fake like you say it is." just to see his reaction.
  3. Well we need the same type of people who fought voter suppression in Georgia to man up in other states.
  4. Meanwhile Beto and AOC raised over a million dollars for relief but the right still calls them bad guys.
  5. Ted Cruz bounced to Cancun once Texas froze over no *censored*ing shit. Cruz was also the one who tried to block relief to the northeast after sandy. Also the one who critized California's grid for rolling blackouts.
  6. Which is sad cause it took a 30 second google search to get the info i found.
  7. Because most politicians are getting some sorta cut so they have to make a agenda.
  8. You would think that if she was coming to AEW they would have pushed back the womens tournament a week or announced a mystery entrant.
  9. So that idiot with the eyepatch is a *censored*ing moron. Hes saying the freeze over is the result of windpower not working when almost 80% of the states energy comes from fossil fuels. I worked at a fossil fuel plant, steam turbine and our first cold season we had to walk around the plant with propane tanks and touches to keep pipes from freeze so hes a *censored*ing idiot.
  10. Just feel like the man carried the company and did get some eyes back on it through his perc angle type matches he was putting on during the pandemic and the first show back with fans he has to drop the belt. Man was name best outstanding performer in Japan and there were real talks of him maybe grabbing the top award over Naito and Okada. A win over Mutoh would have been a nice last win of his reign if he dropped it.
  11. I saw that. I like Mutoh but man Go should be the guy still. Dude navigated that company thought a wild time.
  12. WWE signed Blake Christian, got noticed for his work in GCW and has been working with Impact. High flyer like recent signee Alex Zayne.
  13. Its because the ones who voted to aquit probably want to run for something and want the trump support. Cucks, all of them.
  14. The best solution i saw was saying she died from a space virus because she didn't wear her mask.
  15. So she really believes that the right is the jews and everyone else are nazis. Christ what a dumb *Censored*.
  16. Go's title reign was realllllllllly good. I didn't see all of their events but his matches were always stellar.
  17. Also did she say the name of the kick with the skin was Kick-ass?
  18. Well, now i have a ton more questions.
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