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Status Updates posted by Lunchbox

  1. Ive liked him since The Ultimate Fighter lol.

  2. Your sig is da shit.

  3. Thats on Joes lame ass. Hes never on MSN anymore to do anything.

  4. No idea, i think you made a funny in one of your posts.


  6. Lol i know i was just messing around.

  7. To be fair, i am a Jardine fan. I was just watching him be a psycho against Kerry Schall on The Ultimate Fighter 2 Finale. I believe he kicked Schalls knee cap into another state in that fight.

  8. Bill hasn't been paid. Hopefully working on it.

  9. Hey CHIKARAfans forum has a small section of Japanese wrestling to download.

  10. Oh than ill just have to kill you again. Well played.

  11. Yout not allowed to be posting...

  12. Nothing much you?

  13. Hellz yes. Its been my driving music for two days.

  14. Hells yeah.

    Its a gift and a curse.

  15. Thanks. Your profile picture is the best ever lol.

    Festus is a future HOFer.

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