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  1. So Amanda went on the podcast and explained what happened to brodie exactly and honestly it does sound like symptoms of covid which would kind of be in line with when Jericho and Arn had covid. He might have had it and it finally passed than got those symptoms after the fact like they are seeing in a ton of people.
  2. Has Shaq actually like made any reference to AEW since all this started?
  3. The voice Sami does when he talks is *censored*ing lame.
  4. I want to hear the stories but the more i watch him the more unbearable Ryder is as a human.
  5. My favorite thing about Lacey is how they built her up as the strong american wife.
  6. Its crazy how much good womens talent AEW just let go.
  7. Imagine treating your own flesh in blood as a enemy just cause you love the orange man so much.
  8. So some people who were arrested for the insurrection might be takings legal action against Trump this is *censored*ing golden. Kellyanne Conway's daughter has been posting evidence of her mother being abusive and people called the police on her.
  9. Lunchbox

    WWE Drama

    He misses the era that Bruiser Brodie was murdered by stabbing in a shower stall?
  10. Man can't even jump to the second rope.
  11. No they did. It confused the *Censored* out of me.
  12. Reports are Q-anon are unsure now what to believe or not to believe and proud boyz are split on if they should support trump or not since he was suppose to be the guy.
  13. Oh man i have the biggest crush on Priscilla Kelly.
  14. Cause Elgin been saying NJPW wouldn't book him cause of Tama when clearly he *censored*ed up his own shit.
  15. I am def copping that Johnny Swinger look.
  16. Don't know why i don't like this version of Big Money Matt.
  17. Lmao they really don't have any idea what to do with Sting do they. They are advertising him to congratulate Darby on his win.
  18. Lunchbox

    WWE Drama

    The man eats food on youtube for a living now who gives a single *Censored* what he says.
  19. The funny thing is the fiend version of Alex Bliss wrestles more aggressive than the Demon.
  20. Hes kinda a baby, he was all pissy with GCW cause they made a trading card with his name on it. Janela told him to go *Censored* himself and he will give him money to shut up. Funny thing is Page started to gain momentum cause he was being put over by GCW. Hes gonna be *censored*ing annoying if he doesn't get pushed in AEW or WWE.
  21. James is too handsome. I can never handle it. They should get Eric Badour on the pod too.
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