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  1. Its been the name hes used on the indies even when hes been doing Impact. Hes also a great heel.
  2. Someone in the comments asked if he ever seen any of her work and he said no and he never would watch it because they are just cosplayers. Which is just ignorant.
  3. He said that Kenny signed another one of his fetish girls, which gratned Maki does lean into that alot cause she know how to get the marks and called her deity of shit so she posted a pic of her nude with her bits covered up and said I AM DIETY OF SHIT.
  4. Wind doesn't require any new infrastructure, just have to build the actual turbines. Waste is a issue but there isn't as much waste that people think is made from a plant. Solar is good but when the panels break they become a hazard to the environment and the output isn't that great. Solar would be great for individual homes, we have solar here and its lowered out bill by hundreds.
  5. Well my company would put people in proper training for the most part. Nuclear is the way to go right now anyway. The one plant in Salem can pretty much power 75% of NJ where normal power plants can only really do small areas. Like my company has like 8 plants and maybe three actively run since nuclear is that good.
  6. Depending on the company you sometimes are legit just able to apply for a different job and move away from power plants. Like my old company like 80 people jumped from the fossil side of the company to the electric or gas side with no issues.
  7. My whole point is they were pretty much made into a big deal than lost the belts to the Bucks and stock fell as opposed to the Bucks who are the top team still. Like they didn't even get a rematch for the belt. But to me thats the tag division problem as a whole, theres the Bucks than everyone else.
  8. Honestly they should have kept them two apart Tazz and Sabu style till the crowds came back.
  9. You guys think FTR are long for AEW? The constantly make fun of how they are the only tag team that believes in rules. Also seem like a afterthought already since losing the belts.
  10. Think the issue with Lars is that he had no remorse for the shit he said. Like if he wasn't spouting homophobic shit noone would have cared about him doing gay porn cause lets face it alot of wrestlers do weird porn type shit on the indies. Than WWE tried to say he is the man he is today cause he was bullied in school when he spent his HS years being a online bully it was just a mess.
  11. How the *Censored* do i get a cena follow.
  12. Kenta already told Kenny to *Censored* right off literally. They were ready to go NOW.
  14. Yall leave Malcom alone.
  15. Better question is what took so long?
  16. Lunchbox

    WWE Drama

    Cesaro in NJPW would be *censored*ing incredible.
  17. Meiko going to WWE is really cool.
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