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  1. WWE signed Blake Christian, got noticed for his work in GCW and has been working with Impact. High flyer like recent signee Alex Zayne.
  2. Its because the ones who voted to aquit probably want to run for something and want the trump support. Cucks, all of them.
  3. The best solution i saw was saying she died from a space virus because she didn't wear her mask.
  4. So she really believes that the right is the jews and everyone else are nazis. Christ what a dumb *Censored*.
  5. Go's title reign was realllllllllly good. I didn't see all of their events but his matches were always stellar.
  6. That line about the Wrestlemania attendance was fantastic.
  7. Just got a update from twitter account is nuked.
  8. Also did she say the name of the kick with the skin was Kick-ass?
  9. Well, now i have a ton more questions.
  10. They might just add NXT matches onto the mania cards.
  11. Lmaoooooooo life comes at you fast.
  12. If that is what i watched a few months ago its a great mini doc.
  13. Don't blame yourself for covid. Listen when i got it i wasn't going out to socialize, was just going to work and the supermarket and somehow got it and since im at home my parents got it too just cause we live together. I felt guilty and they told me don't.
  14. Its been the name hes used on the indies even when hes been doing Impact. Hes also a great heel.
  15. Someone in the comments asked if he ever seen any of her work and he said no and he never would watch it because they are just cosplayers. Which is just ignorant.
  16. He said that Kenny signed another one of his fetish girls, which gratned Maki does lean into that alot cause she know how to get the marks and called her deity of shit so she posted a pic of her nude with her bits covered up and said I AM DIETY OF SHIT.
  17. Wind doesn't require any new infrastructure, just have to build the actual turbines. Waste is a issue but there isn't as much waste that people think is made from a plant. Solar is good but when the panels break they become a hazard to the environment and the output isn't that great. Solar would be great for individual homes, we have solar here and its lowered out bill by hundreds.
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