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  1. That is not all that Al Davis drafted. Al's record in the draft isn't really all that bad when you step back. He had a knack for pulling some good players out of rounds 2-5. To name a few, Jared Veldhere, Lamar Houston, Stefen Wisniewski, Denarius Moore, and Tyvon Branch worked out well for Oakland. It is true that there have been some misses in the first round. That can't be ignored, but the overall record isn't as bad as it is made out to be, and some of the picks were seen as being great at the time. JaMarcus Russell was seen as being a John Elway level talent by many, Robert Gallery was a "can't miss" left tackle, Rolando McClain was supposed to be very sensible, and Darren McFadden was a mix of the best of Adrian Peterson and Reggie Bush. These are mistakes that could have been made by any scouting department. As for the "fat kickers" comment: that fat kicker can make it from 70 yards out, so I don't think that is an area that requires any criticism. Just look at the talent they could have had.
  2. Post circa 2009. Blackmon isn't going to play next year is he? Got hit with drugs again?
  3. Well now that Al Davis is dead im thinking they just won't try to draft really fast black people and fat kickers.
  4. Alot of sites are reporting the Browns are leaning towards taking Derek Carr in the draft then signing David Carr to be his back up. I wouldn't even know what to do in this situation.
  5. I don't think that we'll do that or at least I hope not. Don't get me wrong, Clowney is a beast but imagine what we'd have to give up just to move up. Our first rounder and then at least another draft pick in this years draft and maybe another one in next years draft. It would be a lot to give up and perhaps worth it (depending on how is career progresses) but after signing Ayers we really aren't in bad shape as really as our defensive line is concerned. I was reading an article on Bleacher Report a few days ago that pretty much insinuated that this is a make it or break year for Eli Manning as he only has two years left on his contract. However, of those two years this one is the one that counts because if he has another atrocious season like last years, the Giant's could actually opt to cut him and save around 15 million in cap space. So that being the case I'd imagine the NYG organization would do EVERYTHING in their power to help Manning be successful this coming 2014-2015 season. Which would indicated to me that the Giant's are looking to draft the best player still available in the draft when it is their turn to pick. Personally I hope they draft Mike Evans or Ebron to give Eli another weapon besides Cruz because he desperately needs it. People are putting too much blame on Manning for last year. Both Cruz and Hick held out in training camp and it totally showed with how well Randle did as he did excellent this year our O-line was rotated weekly, and at one point they were on there 5th RB.
  6. Griffin doesn't bother me as much. Neither does Jackson. One player doesn't change the team. Skins added Jackson while the Giants retooled the entire roster after finishing one game under .500. We also still have Manning so there is that too. In reality we are only missing a TE and some D-Line depth. I would love to see us trade picks to somehow get Clowney.
  7. You guys are too harsh on Dalton. Hes been in the league for two years hes going to make some mistakes and he is going to learn from those mistakes. You don't think any of these QB's are going to come in and not throw a bad interception?
  8. Another rumor is that Jeff Fisher of the Rams is intrested in Sanchez which would probably be the best move for him. They have a decent offense and Sanchez would easily make it better.
  9. Or you know they can just get outplayed. How funny is it that about 70% of football fans wrote them off as contenders and now they are unstoppable without even taking the field this year.
  10. So they don't have a TE at the moment. Noone noteworthy but im sure we can fix that in the draft. Our only real needs right now are a TE, DT and DE.
  11. Mario Manningham resigns with the Giants for a one year deal. The only move that confuses me this offseason is the resigning of Curtis Painter. We could use all the salary cap space why waste it on a 3rd string QB. This is our offseason so far: New York Giants Signed: CB Walter Thurmond (Seahawks); S Quintin Demps (Chiefs); RB Rashad Jennings (Raiders); LB Jameel McClain (Ravens); G Geoff Schwartz (Chiefs); C J.D. Walton (Redskins); CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie (Broncos); WR/KR Trindon Holliday (Broncos); Mario Manningham (49ers). Lost: DT Linval Joseph (Vikings); S Ryan Mundy (Bears); LB Keith Rivers (Bills); TE Brandon Myers (Buccaneers); WR Hakeem Nicks (Colts); DE Justin Tuck (Raiders). Re-signed: LB Jon Beason; K Josh Brown; S Stevie Brown; LB Mark Herzlich; RB Peyton Hillis; FB Henry Hynoski; QB Curtis Painter; CB Trumaine McBride; LB Spencer Paysinger. Cut: C David Baas. Unsigned: G Kevin Boothe; RB Andre Brown; C Jim Cordle (restricted; not tendered); OT David Diehl; RB Brandon Jacobs; WR Louis Murphy; TE Bear Pascoe; DT Mike Patterson; DT Shaun Rogers; CB Aaron Ross; RB DaRel Scott (restricted; not tendered); CB Terrell Thomas; CB Corey Webster.
  12. The Jets? They still have a pretty solid defense considering they are on the filed all the time.
  13. Boothe is terrible im surpised he signed anywhere. He was like a turnstile on the offensive line. Giants also signed Trindon Holliday. We aint playing.
  14. They signed him today. I still think you need to resign Terell Thomas and Corey Webster. Webster was great for years when he had someone talented playing next to him and for two years he played basically alone and for the most part held his own. Thomas was phenomional last year.
  15. With the signing of Rashard Jennings and the chasing of a PR guy i think David Wilson might already be done.
  16. I don't see this as a big deal since the Patriots defense isn't anything special.
  17. Giants added J.D. Walton to replace David Bass, and resigned Jon Beason. Tracy Porter and Jacoby Jones are making visits while the deal for O'Brien is on hold right now. Anyone notice the Browns making noise? Ben Tate made his visit today but they picked up Isiah Trufant, Donte Whitner, and Karlos Dansby. Man Cleveland needs to get there head out of there ass and go after Clowney. With all the picks ups adding Clowney would be huge for them and there defense would be killer going into a year where there division is pretty damn old and weak minus the Bengals.
  18. Giants aren't joking resigned Stevie Brown, signed Rashard Jennings, signed Geoff Schwartz, signed OBrien Schofield, are on the verge of resigning Tuck, retained Peyton Hillis and Trumaine McBride. I would love for us to pick up either Golden Tate or Jermicheal Finley. Manning could restructure to free up cap space.
  19. Rumor has it that the Giants are going for Ben Tate, but i would totally take Micheal Bush at a lower price. He was wasted on the bench in Chicago last year.
  20. Giants resigned Mark Herzlich and made a offer to Justin Tuck. Elsewhere Jon Beason probably isn't coming back which sucks because i ended up really liking him. Nicks is open to accepting a new contract but I would rather have Tuck back.
  21. The Giants ones are ugly as *Censored*.
  22. The numbers are weird looking but the rest of the jersey is legit.
  23. Need to pay more attention boy. Everything starts at the offensive line. No line gives the QB no time which gives the running back no holes to run through. Need a good example? Look at the Giants this past season.
  24. I don't think he will be a game changer day one but three years down the road he will be a force. Hes a great player but the learning curve is pretty huge for linemen in the NFL.
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