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  1. I find it weird that the biggest show of the year would feature a ton of talent from a totally diffrent promotion.
  2. Yall slept on Brian Hoyer. Well, HOYERMANIA IS RUNNING WILD. Its a new era in believeland. I might even bust out my Cleveland Browns jersey this year. They might 2-2 but all four games this season they have competed.
  3. I don't understand how a offensive player can lower his head and destroy someone but if a defensive player does its wrong. Offensive players are becoming untouchable.
  4. Notre Dame barely came out of that one alive. Should be ranked #6 this week.
  5. You all dare doubt Alex Smith?! Also, Kyle Orton is back in football. Hes here to drink beers and throw touchdowns, and hes all out of beers.
  6. They always do then they don't, then they do, and don't, and do, and don't, and don't, and don't, and do.
  7. Matt Asiata and Eddie Royal were realllly good pick ups for me.
  8. Jaguars have such a young team that is full of potentional. They will have some sick WR's in two years.
  9. Mike Glennon and V-JAX getting it done, 8 seconds left wouldn't be supirsed to see Brown bust one back.
  11. Giants are showing progress. Horrbile week one, terrible week two, decent week three. Next week we will be so-so!
  12. I can't wait until next year when the Jags have Bortles starting with Shorts, Hurns, and possibly Blackmon is going to be fun to watch. Everyone complains about Eli but this team can't *censored*ing catch the ball. Cruz missed three very catchable balls, Jennings drops a easy ball, Williams can't catch a cold and Randle drops a easily catchable ball on third down. Manning played great today. Most of his incomplete passes are off his own players hands. And this is all just in the 4th quarter.
  13. Giants not looking like shit! Cruz you bum. Don't call for the ball in practice and drop a wide open third down pass.
  14. Somewhere i can hear Ghost screaming in joy.
  15. Is it bad i checked right away to see if i was playing against people who had AP this week?
  16. Not for nothing with all these turnovers the 49ers should be up more.
  17. While they lost i think Brian Hoyer told doubters to go *Censored* themselves.
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