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  1. How was Triplett goading him on? He was walking away from the locker rooms. Hands were clasped but he was still fumbling around with the ball, its pretty damn clear on replay.
  2. Calling that touchdown back was the right call, dude lost the ball and didn't have control. Moss is a *censored*ing fool for yelling at the referee.
  3. I just had the realization that TNA's roster is very Smackdown 2006-2010ish.
  4. Honestly watch the Packers or something. Aaron Rodgers is going to go down as the best Quarterback of all time and they are putting up tons of points right now while playing killer defense.
  5. Giants really do need to get rid of Coughlin. You have Becks, Cruz, Randle and you insist on the run when its not working.
  7. Browns making a ballsy move again by releasing Ben Tate. So many teams could benefit for him. He would be great for the Jets but hes not looking to split time. Tennesse maybe?
  8. Derek Carr didn't face the Cards today....
  9. Coughlin needs to go. The Giants are not/should not be a run first team. You pay Eli millions to throw imcompletions on third down when your running backs stall on 1st and 2nd down. Just look at the Giants first drive today. Two Rashad Jennings 3 yard rushes with Eli throwing three passes over 18+ yards. They have talented receivers *censored*ing use them.
  10. See what happens when you give a decent QB weapons?
  11. Yeah, welcome to being 7-3 against the Cards. Lions are no joke. That defense is looking scarier by the week. Carson Palmerless Cards still that big of a threat? Brock Osweiler had the greatest reaction in the Broncos game today. He thought he was going to go in, turned around to get his helmet, turned back to see Peyton already on the field and just threw his arms up in the air and quietly sat down. He had the biggest smile on his face too until he saw Peyton.
  12. John Brown with the greatest touchdown dance of all time uncontested.
  13. I would bench a player for a game or two if they did that.
  14. I seriously love the Browns. So happy watching that game last night. Time to break out my Brady Quinn jersey again.
  15. Im actually really excited for these new set of movies. They seem to be doing everything right and Kevin Smith gave his fan seal of approval from what he saw on set.
  16. Im not sure if the Steelers look good or the Ravens look like shit.
  17. Rodgers did not look good at all after he messed up his hamstring. No mobility and it looked like he was using pure arm strength to throw his passes instead of pushing off his legs.
  18. Uh Guys: http://www.prowrestlingtees.com/wrestler-t-shirts-1/ec3/you-can-t-wrestle.html
  19. I don't understand the logic of the Seahawks. They asked Denver for Julius Thomas straight up and then quickly settled on the trade with the Jets when Denver declined. Math just doesn't add up.
  20. Bullshit pass interfearence call in the Notre Dame game, they were within 5 yards of the goal line.
  21. Plus they are a run first team and it frees up some cap space for them.
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