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  1. About to start Majora's Mask for the 3DS.
  2. I'm starting to think the Eagles might be using this as a tactic to get him to renegotiate? Hes apparently livid and doesn't want to go to Buffalo maybe he restructures so they can make moves in free agency and keep him.
  3. McCoy traded to Buffalo for Kiko Alonso. NFC East could lose two of the best running backs in the league.
  4. Just finished Dying Light for the PS4 and am now starting Wind Waker HD for the Wii U which looks incredible so far.
  5. I still can't get over Tom Brady screaming. Im in tears every time. DeAngelo Williams was released by Carolina.
  6. Giants are trying to offer Coughlin another year.
  7. In a promotion where youre not ultra familiar with all the wrestlers its welcome.
  8. Are they going to be doing events with english commentary anymore?
  9. Terrell Thomas announced his retirement today. He was a great CB who just had terrible luck with his ACL.
  10. Tom Brady jumping up and down screaming like a little girl has to be the funniest thing i had seen in football ever.
  11. They watch the Seahawks and the Sounders.
  12. The passes before the half were fine. They were getting the ball back and the TD pass was placed where only Matthews can get it.
  13. I think not. Even if they score its still a stupid dangerous play. You had four chances to punch it in the endzone with one of the most brusing backs in the league. Honestly the perfect play their would have been faking the handoff to lynch having Wilson keep it himself to rush it in. If your going to make a pass try anything but something up the middle like that.
  14. Watt changes what offenses have to do. You have to know where he is at all times. Hes that dymanic of a player.
  15. If Eli isn't their to stop Brady who will?!1?!
  16. After watching Conan tonight i need a Rob Gronkowski and Marshawn Lynch buddy cop TV show.
  17. Legit laughed at "And Newcastle United fans run on the field."
  18. Lynch on why he doesn't want to talk to the media.
  19. The media is just as dumb for showing up for his interviews. If they were smart they would just simply not ask him questions since he is not going to answer shit.
  20. Lets the man score touchdowns and grab his dick!
  21. You guys are missing the point. Their are rules in place, Lynch is breaking them and paying the fines so why should the NFL have a problem? Why should they raise the fines? What they are doing is bullying. They don't like what hes doing so they are trying to wring him dry until he complys. I wish he would tell them to *Censored* off and go to the CFL.
  22. Lets not be too quick on this. Its not like it was a really close game and the outcome could have been altered by the deflation the Colts flat out played like shit and couldn't do anything on offense which doesn't relate to Patriots deflating their balls. Marshawn Lynch should sue the league. Allegedly they are going to start fining him more and more until he starts doing interviews which is plain bullying. He made the decision to not do the interviews and is accepting the leagues fines that are put in place for such a occasion with no problem so it should end their. NFL is trying to bully a player to do their will which is *censored*ing bullshit.
  23. Suspened the coach and the equipment manager for the game. Best take.
  24. Really feel like going higher would make the ball harder to catch. Has to be like catching a rock at a certain point. Why doesn't the league just supply the balls? If you want a certain pressure tell them this way the league handles everything and there can't be any *censored*ing around.
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