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  1. He is one of the first matches so he could always lose and be done with the company. EDIT: Oh *Censored* Machine Gun is in this, i *censored*s with this.
  2. I think it was Andrew Lincon who said that 27 people die, even the Walking Dead facebook page said something about it.
  3. So im assuming that this is where the comic and show completely take separate paths.
  4. I might watch some ROH for some Machine Gun.
  5. I just rewatched Death Before Dishonor IV and Cide's return is so perfect including Julius Smokes being thug as *Censored* during his entrance.
  6. What was with Scum anyway? I know it was Corino and Jacobs but i heard they added new people. Cliff Compton being one of them which has my attention.
  7. ROH was better when they just ran regular shows. Even when they were losing talent they were bring up new people all the time that were just as great.
  8. Man if only people saw the talent in ROH in 04'-07'.
  9. This is fantastic news. I was wearing my copy of Fable out.
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