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  1. Wild Thing doesn't fit Mox at all they need to stop.
  2. Cena def upped his in ring work when Punk came around.
  3. Whats also really worrying is he seems to be slowly moving towards unhinged. His Darkside of the Ring is going to be wild. Never seen a man that was so loved and cheered and people happy for him to get his shit together to becoming such a vile human being.
  4. I love how hes suppose to be a heel but his promo about America made him a mega face. Dude has legit star potential based on what i have seen talking wise. The only thing i can see being is downfall is possibly buying into his own hype alot.
  5. Also didn't do shit when it was revealed that Shalak had a shady background with nazis.
  6. Im gonna be honest that noone in GCW would do a *censored*ing thing.
  7. She was in that hot tub with Priest once.
  8. I always viewed TBS as the channel places leave on in waiting rooms, mainly reruns and a ton of old movies with more recent attempts at original programing. Its just really weird they would do a TNT belt and than be taken off TNT. I don't think they had a big bump in ratings when NXT moved.
  9. Im not sure if this is a good or bad thing to be totally honest.
  10. Oh he will be on that dweebs show probably.
  11. Lunchbox

    WWE Drama

    To be fair she can get pushed better than him so hes not better at everything.
  12. Its just funny cause people wanted heel Regins for so long and hes knocking it out of the part on such a different level.
  13. Really wish RAW could get its shit together because the title match was just the best big hoss fight.
  14. Shlak is kinda wild cause theres also the he might legit mistakenly hurt someone aura. And god that video Effy posted makes me want to go to a show so bad.
  15. The big thing i don't get about Jericho being back is that if hes legit injured there is reason to let him sit out. Hes not the end all be all mouth piece he use to be the others could cut promos aswell.
  16. Man, this *censored*ing bums me out. Dude legit has my favorite memory of going to a indy show ever. There was seriously noone like this dude inside and outside of wrestling, if he said he was going to do it you bet your ass he would do it.
  17. Its funny cause you wonder how Hitler got into power and you see everything thats been happening the past five years and you like yeah people are *censored*ing dumb.
  18. Lunchbox

    WWE Drama

    Or he hopes he gets fired and is invited to that herbs radio show.
  19. Why is a promo ike this on Elevation?
  20. Minus Grimes theme which is *censored*ing stellar all these themes are super generic and sound like they would be on N64 games.
  21. Lunchbox

    WWE Drama

    AEW had to do something to start the strikes though.
  22. Also kinda weird it took that long to set up the cage. War Games doesn't do take that long and all they did was add a roof.
  23. I love Orange Cassidy so im ok with him having the belt.
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