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  1. Payday 2: Crimewave Edition. They added alot of stuff to this game which is great considering how much fun the game use to be with limited levels and items
  2. I would buy and wear all three of those shirts.
  3. Hes engaged to the same chick he was married to and divorced before his shit with Brooke. Im 90% sure that chick use to work at the gym in my town too. My mom worked out there a few years back and asked me if i knew who some dude named Robbie was who was starting to work for TNA.
  4. Christ that kid was annoying.
  5. Been playing Xenoblade on my 3DS and picked up Splatoon for the WiiU. Splatoon is so much damn fun.
  6. Kinda like his older ROH shirts.
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Du-eYiD9OfM&feature=youtu.be Sorta relevant.
  8. Dalton Castle? Ashley Remington? What the *Censored* is going on?
  9. Superman: Returns might have been utter shit but man Routh was a great Superman when he wasn't being creepy as hell.
  10. As a Superman story Man of Steel was awful and Snyders' grasp of the character is so off.
  11. Pretty damn close. I also totally forgot Jenna Malone is suppose to be Carrie Kelly.
  12. Im downloading FF: A Realm Reborn right now. Not sure what to expect from it.
  13. A New Hope is good as it lays out the foundation for the next two movies. Empire and Return are both incredible.
  14. Thats why i feel this movie is going to be all over the place. ALL THAT HAPPENED and we still saw nothing from Luthor or Wonder Women. I was really excited when i watched the trailer the first time but the second time around i noticed everything actually going on. This is going to be like anothe three hour movie. I really want to be excited but i think DC is trying to do to much to catch up to Marvel and its going to do more damage then help.
  15. Please do, its seriously one of best Batman stories ever told maybe even the best story told in comics. If you can't get the book at least watch the animated movie about it since its pretty damn faithful. If your a huge Superman fan it might not be the best thing. So is it safe to assume this is basically going to be a reverse of the Dark Knight Returns where Superman is the public menace and Batman is called into save him? The only thing that worries me about this movie is the build up so far is all about Batman vs Superman when Lex Luthor is the true villian. Kinda like the problem that TASM 2 had where the Rhino was focused on in trailers dispite it being a minor part in the movie. So far from the trailers it looks all over the place. One thing noticed from the trailer that i haven't seen talked about is Batman is holding a sniper rifle on top of that building.
  16. Don't want to like this but when i saw the mech suit i kinda freaked a little bit.
  17. There home! I got the biggest smile on my face!
  18. Nakamaura was announced for the NJPW/ROH shows which makes the final list: Stars signed to appear - Hiroshi TANAHASHI - Kazuchika OKADA - Jushin Thunder LIGER - Tetsuya NAITO - Takaaki WATANABE - Kushida - Nakamaura The shows in Phili are on a Tuesday and Wednesday. I really hope they do Joe v Nakamaura.
  19. Picked up Diablo III again for the Ps4. So much fun. Almost beat the game.
  20. Ive been watching TNA strictly for ECIII and Spud. Almost cried at their match last night...jk....maybe...
  21. Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  22. The WWE reject stigma came from guys who were in WWE, had success, and left for TNA to jump right into the main event scene. Guys like who you mentioned who didn't have any sort of success don't really have that WWE reject stink because they built up their own characters in TNA.
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