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  1. *Censored* Castle seriously nothing makes me madder than that gimmick.
  2. Dixie is intolerable. She sounded like that video from youtube where the kid is trying to explain something to his mom and keeps going "Listen listen".
  3. And now JPP had his finger amputated....
  4. Oh my god why did you post that im trying to save money.
  5. Put in 50 hours and all i have left to do is the legendary ships and perfect a few missions.
  6. Gina Carano should have been Wonder Women.
  7. JPP is a *censored*ing moron. Hopefully his fingers work and he can sign his franchise tender now.
  8. Because Superman doesn't kill people or whatever, even though Superman has most definitely killed before. That is Batman who doesn't kill people. Superman has killed before, for sure he offed Doomsday at least one time. Superman knows killing is a necessary evil sometimes, if Batman wasn't such a wuss he would have killed Joker already and saved dozens of lives. Isn't Batman's argument that he feels he's so *censored*ed up that if he took out Joker, he wouldn't stop and would just keep crossing super villains off the list? Well its not totally confirmed but doesn't this version of kill the Joker?
  9. The problem isn't the fact that he killed Zod. Its the fact that he took so long to do it destroying almost the entire city in the process only killing Zod when Zod was going to kill a family in the train station.
  10. Probably because WWE didn't offer him anything long term?
  11. Ugh why the story was perfect.
  12. Payday 2: Crimewave Edition. They added alot of stuff to this game which is great considering how much fun the game use to be with limited levels and items
  13. I would buy and wear all three of those shirts.
  14. Chargers are retiring LT's number this year. Greatest RB of all time?
  15. Hes engaged to the same chick he was married to and divorced before his shit with Brooke. Im 90% sure that chick use to work at the gym in my town too. My mom worked out there a few years back and asked me if i knew who some dude named Robbie was who was starting to work for TNA.
  16. Christ that kid was annoying.
  17. Been playing Xenoblade on my 3DS and picked up Splatoon for the WiiU. Splatoon is so much damn fun.
  18. Giants meeting with Jake Long. Hopefully a deal gets done.
  19. Kinda like his older ROH shirts.
  20. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LhbWxmuMTgA This was kinda *censored*ed i saw this live. They came in to promote the Madden cover vote and they just kept talking about it.
  21. Apparently Kraft wants nothing to do with Goddell now. Whatever. Don't cheat and you don't have to worry about the black eye on your organization its really that simple. He was buddy buddy with Goddell and flew too close to the sun one too many times.
  22. And this is why Bill Simmons got fired from ESPN. He called out Goddell as having no testicular fortitude because he needs to gauge the public reaction before making his decision.
  23. Randy Gregory also went down in practice today with heat exhaustion.
  24. But guys. The whole reason they could have won is that the deflated balls are easier to catch which with the weather could make all the difference. If the balls are regulation do they win 45-7 or is the game more competitive? There are so many more factors that come into play other then the Colts couldn't do anything on offense, if they make the stops on defense it takes the pressure off of the offense and changes the game. The league needs to make a example here. All teams most likely cheat and bend the rules but this is the second time the Patriots got caught red handed and on top of that they also lied to the NFL. They are ALWAYS looking to bend the rules and get a advantage and it should come to a end.
  25. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pew-BMMvpt8 This takes the bes turn at the end.
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