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  1. Honestly i have thought about ordering those a few times.
  2. Tried to watch it but Kevin Kelly and Strikers commentary is pretty dreadful. Gonna go in fresh tomorrow on mute i think.
  3. For me the game only covers half of my screen. So the left side of my monitor is black the rest is the left half of the game.
  4. Oh so its not just my computer that wouldn't run it.
  5. Christ did Striker and Kelly really ask Yoshi why the Styles Clash is a dangerous move?
  6. Barnett might not be able to do the announcing gig because he has a fight at the end of the month. Going to japan a month out from a fight and *censored*ing up your sleep schedule might not be the best thing for someone to do.
  7. Saw Taking Back Sunday again last night, debuted a new song played a total of a hour and a half. Seriously my favorite band ever.
  8. Hey guys 50% off all shirts on WWE's site.
  9. Just saw video of the Eagles of Death Metal taking the stage over the weekend in Paris. Jesse seems muccch better. So glad to see.
  10. If he brought his theme song to WWE it would make the hurt of him losing there a bit less.
  11. Yeah but I look at those and actually see the Bella twins. The fact that ALOT of people see AJ Lee in that is prettttty telling.
  12. WIth everything im seeing in the trailers im expecting this movie to top out at six hours? Im not sure how to feel about this movie. Totally all about Batflack though.
  13. Looks alot more like a AJ Lee funko would look...
  14. BEEF MODE IN THE BACKGROUND. Also how drunk is Sandow? Like i would love to live in a world where once he gets pass a certain level of sobriety he just talks in nothing but rhymes.
  15. Picked up a couple of games the past few days off of Steam: The Stanley Parable - Fun game if you are into games with several endings based of the choices you make. Its kinda short so you can knock out different things in a few playthroughs. Undertale - No idea why i was so hesitant on this game but man i really like this. Its a RPG that has a style thats similar to Earthbound but has a different spin on combat where you can talk yourself out of battles. Its really enjoyable. The dialogue is really funny, and charming. I really like this game. Papers, Please - This game is just straight up addicting. Its nothing more then getting handed a piece of paper and having different scenarios where you either have to accept or deny peoples passports to have them travel over the border. Sometimes there are terrorists, sometimes (Alot of times) there are deals being made and at the end of the day you have to manage your money to keep you and your family alive.
  16. Plan on doing nothing but watching Netflix and playing some cheap Steam games today.
  17. Had a huge Thanksgiving with friends last night. Incredible amount of food and fun.
  18. I dig the shit out of Kylo Ren's saber design. Seems like its unstable as if he made it on his own or something.
  19. This is going to be too *censored*ing good. I got chills.
  20. Is any part of Brodus Clay's beard actually on his face?
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