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  1. Stone Cold is mad at Amell who had two months of training, looked pretty damn good, but isn't mad at people like Eva Marie and some of these other Diva's who have had years in the company and can't remember to kick out at three or that the person your wrestling has to be laying on their back to count a pinfall. Get over it. Austin is great but his complaining about stupid shit is already getting old. Is it really that far-fetched that a guy won't know how to do a crossbody off the top rope? Part of his superstardom can be attributed to a damn celebrity in Tyson.
  2. Yeah like Sting playing baseball.
  3. Kinda do just because the Redskins are horribly run and they ruined him by making him play with a injury.
  4. Jordy Nelson tore his ACL. Gotta love preseason.
  5. This game is ok, so far its not as good as Advanced Warfare was.
  6. That Liger shirt is the shit.
  7. Holy *Censored* its Cenaception.
  8. But the NFL does have facts in the text's from the equipment guys and the actual deflated balls! Pats fans seem to ignore that!
  9. Will it hurt the image of the NFL? Because a man who killed another man and a dude who knocked out his wife didn't.
  10. Have you followed or read any of the information? The NFL has completely disregarded information that could paint the Patriots in a positive light. They completely ignored a referees statement, and changed it to fit their agenda to make New England look like the villains in this. Well whats the information?
  11. No proof the text messages between the two guys who did it are out there aren't they? Plus the balls were actually deflated and the Patriots have been doing nothing but trying to make the NFL have trouble with this investigation.
  12. Brady's a idiot. Take the suspension and go. What happens when you drop a few games early, lose your case and your suspended when your team needs you down the strech OR the suspension goes into the playoffs.
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NvJiMiJcghA
  14. That whole scene seems very Red Son-esque.
  15. This might be a five hour long move with how much shit they are stuffing in.
  16. God this game is so much fun. Just wish the online servers were working. Couldn't get into a full online match with my friend but we were able to play the computer still.
  17. Think the only Batman Johns wrote that im familar with is his Earth One stuff which is pretty damn great. Plus his run on Green Lantern is legendary and what little writing hes done for Arrow and The Flash has been really great.
  18. Started up Sniper Elite III. Played through the first two levels and the game is a ton of fun.
  19. He once barely blocked a field goal by his finger tips. Shit aint there no more.
  20. Honestly i am not a fan of Superman comics and that is one of the best comics i have ever read. Its like the perfect Superman story.
  21. She's got the look down, but she's a shit actress. Not that who they got is so much better, but still. I still think that TV series that never got off the ground had the perfect WW casting. That's the good thing about Wonder Women though you can play the who not from this planet thing and that kinda makes the awkwardness of Carano seem more tolerable. Yeah but your talking about the two juggernauts of his universe. Doomsday legit kills him and Darkseid took the whole Justice League to beat. Plus there was that awesome speech Superman gave before he wrecked Darkseid about how powerful he is and how up until that point he was being careful trying not to level cities and people for no reason. Hell Superman could have ended it earlier but he gave Zodd the tip about trying to block out all the noise when he first got to earth. Thinking about it now why hasn't All-Star Superman been made into a motion picture? Superman is a established enough character where this movie can totally work without any origin story or other movies. Its easily the best Superman story.
  22. Im all for Ashley Remington. Such a sweet gimmick.
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