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  1. Way to be classy Greg Hardy. Step up to your coach who is half your size, twice your age, and not wearing any pads. I guess at least it wasn't a women this time.
  2. Seven High School players have died playing the game this year. The sport may really start to kill itself off.
  3. Arkansas/Auburn is really fun totally bananas.
  4. This is going to be too *censored*ing good. I got chills.
  5. The problem is the NFL's misdirection. People are getting fined for uniform rules, celebration, and stupid shit like not talking to the media meanwhile this dude is pure trash and get rewarded with a semi decent contract by the Cowboys and no joke the first interview he does with the media when he gets back shows he hasn't learned jack shit. Nolan got it totally right. He had to just pretend for 12 minutes that he learned his lesson and he couldn't even do that.
  6. Bennett compared Jay Cutler to Keanu Reeves in the Replacements, then Jesus last night.
  7. Is any part of Brodus Clay's beard actually on his face?
  8. Thats just the league nowadays. People want instant success and don't want to take the time to let players develop.
  9. Johnny Football looks like hes actually taking shit seriously finally. Im not a fan of the guy by any means but give him a fair shot at least.
  10. Carr and Cooper are the future. Pissed they haven't been on a National broadcast yet.
  11. Left my house and Notre Dame was struggling against UMass come home to see they scored 62. Also LOLOregon.
  12. RASHAD JENNINGS with the special teams blocked punt.
  13. Why not? They played awful the past two games only in the last two minutes of each game and the NFC East is a total mess now. Its anyones division.
  14. Stage is set just like it was in 2007. Lack luster first two games, week three game against the Skins.
  15. People keep blaming Eli for that loss but *Censored* man the play calling, clock management and wide receivers are all really awful. As a Giants fan I can tell you what play they will run when they are up and trying to drain the clock, its always a run, dump off pass then a last ditch attempt on third and long. Its that predictable.
  16. There is actual footage of a New England Patriot player assisting with the deflation of a ball... https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=161&v=7KJOQ_44ClQ But seriously they broke Gronk.
  17. It wasn't really Romo it was Eli and Coughlin with the awful play clock management. Eli snapped the ball twice with 20 seconds and that pass play could have been the nail in the coffin if he didn't throw it out of the endzone. They should have won but considering the expectation was for the Giants to be blown out its not that bad.
  18. Man the Jets defense was lights out after losing Cromartie. Jets honestly can be a good team this year. If Fitzpatrick plays within himself and Ivory can stay healthy they can make a run.
  19. Apparently there was major problems with the radio last night on the Steelers side. I saw Big Ben pregame pointing to his helmet and shouting at the staff. But this isn't the first time that the visiting team in Foxboro has had problems with the radio systems.
  20. The difference is that Tyson is a legitimate badass and a fighter. Amell is an actor. The point he is making is that in kayfabe, pro wrestlers are top of the line athletes and fighters. No untrained actor or celebrity should be able to withstand the offense of a world class wrestler. He compared it to if a movie star hopped into the octagon against an mma fighter. It has to be believeable to some point and I kind of agree with him. Amell isn't there to be a good wrestler, he's there to draw eyes to the product and emphasize how good the actual wrestlers are at what they do. Well Punk is jumping in the MMA fold and Austin is totally OK with that.... Austin is acting like Amell went in and schooled the other team. He seriously went in avoided some shots, took a beating, hit a crossbody while Neville did all the work. If anything Austin should be happy for Neville who is getting coverage on E!, TMZ and all those celebrity news outlets.
  21. I would buy it, its not much worse than any other awful shirt WWE makes.
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